How often do you visit your parents?

Visiting parents gives us refreshment and revive our mind. I am from a country where we have to go to our 'husband's home' and stay there on the occasions. This is our culture. So spending much time with our own parents as a girl is very hard here.

But I try to visit them when I got time after visiting my in-law parents. It may sound wired to you but this is how life is going here. After marriage, culturally we believe that for girls the in-laws comes first. But I always do not follow the culture. I go to my parents house two or three times a year. And often invite them to stay with me. 

It always feels good to get my parents around. But as life goes we get less opportunity to do that. That is very unfortunate.  


Well My dad died twelve years ago, but i usually do visit him and my mother every week until my father died..

Actually after my fathers death, my mother became my best friend, and that made us to usually spend so much time together. ..me and my mother do take my children on different

road trips usually during the summer and we really spent 8–10 days traveling around the city..my mother only lived a few miles from me, so I usually see her about four times a week...

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Huh. I can say I visit my parent 4 to 5 times in a year.

I do pay them s visit at least 5 times. And I also called them often by often.