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What is your personal definition of a good friendship?

I am sure  we all have friends generally and amongst these friends of ours, there are some friends we do select as special friends because of their impact and supports in our lives. I believe good friendship is all about love and sacrifice between the people involved. There is more to friendship other than saying "this is my friend", "she is my friend", "he is my friend". Always ask yourself are your friend ready to support you when you are in dire need?

Some people may claim to be our friend but they aren't really our true friends because they got attracted by something we possess. This is why some people may be in need but they have no friends to help them even though they were thinking they have friends. We just have to be very careful when it comes to making friends because friend cab influence us both positively or negatively.

Also, the quality of friends matters a lot and not quantity. Some people may have numerous or large amount of friends with no benefit or impact in their lives while some people may have very few friends but these few friends are surely making impact and supportive.

 In conclusion, i will define good friendship as  a sincere  relationship that involves helping,supporting and impacting each other lives positively  just like a family relation. In this definition, it implies that there won't be any form of deceit, envy, jealousy and other self centered attitude that can destroys friendship.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps.


I believe in a saying that goes, No man is an Island. Everyone needs someone to be with, to talk to, and to share with. We need friends as much as we need our family.

As we continue to walk through Life, more often than not, we can meet new friends along the way. Some can be easily forgotten for they have not left memories for us to cherish. But, some makes great impacts to our lives that they will forever stay in our lives.

For me, Good Friendship is when a problem occurs, just like family, you are there to support each other. If you want friends, quality is more important than quantity. A very good friend who is always by your side through smooth and rough times is better than a thousand friends who will leave you once they have what they need from you. Having many friends does not guarantee you support in times of need. 

Therefore, When someone is there through your good and bad times, then he is a good friend. When someone does not leave you even when you're broke, don't drive him away for he is a good friend.


True fiendship implies a wonderful bondinh between at least two individuals. In each relation everything isn't accessible however in friendship you get everything i.e trust, understanding, love, trustworthiness,the loyalty, responsibility, sharing knowledge to each other.....the qualities of a true friend are written below:

1. Continuously attempts to remain in your life.

2. Continuously tunes in to you and is keen on how YOU feel.

3. Acknowledges you simply the manner in which you are.

4. Can give you a legitimate opinion, in the event that you request it.

5. Is genuinely glad for you when something great transpires.

6. Is really sad WITH you, when things turn out badly.

7. Doesn't make you have a feeling that you are DISPOSABLE or replaceable.

8. Trusts you and isn't hesitant to demonstrate to you their shortcomings or instabilities.

9. Provides for you openly, without actually'keeping count'.

10. Makes you feel excited whenever you are with them..

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friends are people who are always with us in life. The bond of a friendship can be even tighter than a life partner seen from a different perspective, of course. True friends can actually feel pain when we feel pain and will also be very happy when we are happy, and vice versa.

True friends will certainly not have the intention to betray, leave or plunge us into the wrong path. True friends will always be with us when we are under and when we are above. Like words, friends will look at the people we like while friends can win the people we like. So, true friends will always be inclined to something that has a good for you.

Even in Islam, sahiba or friends have a more beautiful relationship. A true friend will help us in kindness and will surely advise us in evil. The meaning of the deepest friend is not having envy, envy and other intentions that can harm us.

Even a truly good friend will never have the intention of giving or receiving with the principle of use. Ikhlas lillahita’ala.

Usually, true friends begin with friendship when we are young. The more mature the relationship will be more closely along with the problems that approach individuals with each other.

A problem can unite even strengthen friendship relations. Of course these problems can be solved by both parties, then the relationship and confidence of the heart will increase.

Try to try to solve problems with friends, whether it's a problem in school, family or personal problems. A true friend will provide solutions according to the problems you face. Even if he can't provide a solution, at least he can hear your problem.

Unconsciously you have made your heart relieved when you want to tell a problem that is difficult to accept reason and feeling.

From now on, please find a true friend. Either schoolmates or friends play one village. But if you are looking for a true friend then you must be able to give happiness to others first.


Friendship is a sisterhood or a brotherhood. When you say a friend is a "sister/brother from another mother" that is when your friendship is true in its truest sense. Friendship does not need maintenance. There are no requirements to jeep constant communication or what have you. Even when you both didn't meet for a long time, it should be like as if picking up from where you left off.

There is a level of comfort between the two of you. You can say whatever you need to say without having to worry about what your friend will think. Because in friendship, the main component should bw caring for each other. Sometimes even having to say the hardest things just so you could show your care.