What is your favourite cryptocurrency and why??

My favorite crypto would have to be Steem. The obvious reasons are that you can earn crypto whilst holding the coin.

Very few crypto's have the value that Steem offers. There are a few others that give you dividends for holding their coins and will pay you with another coin. Neo gives you Gas is an example of that.

Who else can build up their crypto holdings in a bear market by blogging and commenting. This gives Steem a massive advantage over the rest as it is not just by trading that you can make profits.


I have two favorite cryptos


The anxiety of Bitcoin users seems to be heard well by Ripple developers, because one of the advantages offered is an easy process for exchanging into local currencies.

Ripple has become a major breakthrough in the world of technology because it is able to become a currency, and features a direct exchange between Fiat - XRP, XRP - Coins, etc.

Ripple has begun to be integrated with the banking system throughout the world, so its adoption can be sure to run smoothly. At present it is one of the cornerstones of the remittance revolution or money transfers between countries.

Instead of replacing the traditional financial system, Ripple has a goal to revolutionize them, so that the traditional banking system becomes more transparent, faster, safer, and has all the advantages offered by the blockchain.


EOS is a blockchain platform that is trying to be designed to facilitate the needs of commercial applications, both for web-based and mobile-based. Membership system, authentication, database, asynchronous communication and scheduling are provided through cores and clusters. System architecture is designed to enable scalability, ensuring millions of transactions can be done every second.


I don't have a favourite cryptocurrency. I try to get any crypto that is very applicable in the world and solves problems that are in high demand. Such cryptos will always be in demand and they have a higher future profit potential. This is one of the conditions I look at when choosing a crypto to mine. Some cryptos in the crypto market have very little application and their user base are very slim. I try to avoid these types of crypto because their lifespan seem short and their success potential is also very slim

But if the crypto solves real life problem that's in high demand, such crypto stand a chance of making it and I always go for such cryptos. They are the ones I consider as favorite because they high sustainability and profitability


My most favorite Cryptocurrency is steem and I love it very much. And more some coins that I love. But this steem I love most. I believe so much about steem. I know that its price is going to increase soon. At present, the prices of these coins are very low. But I can trust this coin by close my eyes. We should now buy this coin more and more. The decrease in the price of Bitcoin , decreased the price of this coin. When the price of bitcoin will increase, this coin price will increase. I have bought many steem coins but I am not afraid of it. Because I know that the prices of these coins will increase

Why I would like these coins I am discussing below

We all know that this coin has its own platform, and that platform has now become a big platform

Soon, SMT is going to launch. This is a very good aspect for this coin

Many people use it because it is a good coin, and because of this, it is believed that the coin

I love steemit so, I love steem


At the moment, it has to be Steem!

Mainly because this is the only crypto that I can totally relate to. I know for sure that there are other Cryptos that there are trying to solve real world issues aside from Steem, but what I can say is that I kinda like that nature of the platform itself. A total freedom to express my ideas and share it to my Steemit friends.


Steem is my favourite Cryptocurrency based on the following reasons:

1. Steem rewards creativity

2. Steem is sustainable with human activity

3. Steem rewards brain value

4. Steem will birth and support SMTs

5. Steem supports education

STEEM all the Way!


My favourite cryptocurrency is the cryptocurrency which can be well utilized and has a great future ahead and also have so many programs and features backing it up..

An example of such cryptocurrency is steem,steem blockchain has a lot of projects evolving around it and thay makes it to be my favourite because I believe that those projects would make steem to become more popular in the future,

Steem blockchain if it is becomes more popular will of course increase its demands and also make more people to have faith in it and that could make steem to have more price appreciation...though steem is not in a good situation right now because of the current bearish trend but I believe in its future..