How to lose fat on the knee?

As a result of excessive eating, one of the two sides of the waist is one of the fat deposits in the body. There is a word that says muffin top. When wearing a girl jeans or pajamas, it looks like the upper part of the muffin cake sitting in a corner of the paper, just looking at the fat of its upper part. It is not that just playing. After the marriage, girls became less aware of their figure and then became less aware of the figure then about her figure. But at the same time most suffer from this problem. After the baby becomes different due to various hormonal changes, the fat rate of the girls increases even further

Two exercise can reduce fat in your stomach, which is very easy and less time-consuming. before you go to bed, you can breathe in cooking, afternoon, and exercise at any time in the morning. You do not need any of these tools. In this exercise, the pressure on the waist and fat is reduced and fat burns. So let's see how to reduce the fat of the stomach -


1. Side bands:

Stand two legs wide open. The hand will hang on both sides. One side should try to touch the fingers of the foot on the bottom of the side, with the other hand raised above the waist. In the same way, while trying to hold the finger of the other side of the side of the other side, the other side will come in the waist. Please do this 10 minutes or repeat 100 times.


2. Standing twist:

Put your hands behind the head, keep the knees slightly folded and the elbows are stretched. Now do not twist the body to twist, bend. Once in the right, once left Thus, once a day, do 2/3 times a day. The fat above the waist should be easily burned.


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Theres only one way to do that and that's to lose fat all over your body. What you're asking for is called spot reduction and that's not possible. You either uniformly reduce fat all around your body or you don't reduce the fat at all.



Learn the benefits of exercise regularly. Exercise can help people become and feel healthy. But exercising can also help you reduce excess weight. Understanding the benefits of exercise can help you become fit and lose weight, and even beautify your feet

Exercise can prevent excess weight and strengthen muscles, including the muscles in your legs.

Exercise also provides additional benefits, which can increase energy and help you sleep soundly.


Warm up and cool down. Before or after each training session, warm up and cool low impact light. Thus, the body is ready to exercise and the temperature and blood pressure become stable.

Warm up with low impact and moderate exercise, such as walking, for 5-10 minutes.

Cool down with low impact sports such as jogging lightly or walking for 5-10 minutes

Proper hydration is an important component in exercising. Drink at least 1.9 liters of liquid a day so the body remains hydrated and add 240 ml of water for every hour during exercise


Perform cardiovascular exercise. Keep in mind that marathon runners and cyclists have strong and slim legs. This is due to the muscle fibers in the legs being trained during cardio exercise. Doing moderate to high cardiovascular exercises can help you lose weight and shape your legs. Before you start exercising, discuss your plans to do cardio exercise with a certified doctor and fitness professional to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise.

Try to exercise moderate intensity for 150 minutes or 75 minutes if you are doing high intensity exercise, to help you lose weight. [10] If you can't do it at once, divide your training into parts that are easier for you to do.

If you are a very active person, you need to turn your workout into a routine such as high intensity interval training to increase metabolism.

If you are a beginner or need to do exercises with lower intensity, walking and swimming are excellent choices.

Every type of cardio exercise can help you lose weight. In addition to walking and swimming, try running, rowing, cycling, exercise on a static bicycle, dancing, or using an elliptical sports machine.


Exercise strength training. In addition to cardiovascular exercise, strength training can help you lose weight. [15] But more importantly, strength training can help build muscle, and make you stronger and slimmer. [16] The slender legs will look small and thin without the muscles formed. Strength training increases muscle strength and tightens the legs. Strength training is very effective in helping reduce fat in the legs.

Before starting a strength training program, consult a doctor and maybe even with a certified trainer, who will make the best training plan to achieve your desires, and according to your physical abilities and needs.

Focus on exercises that strengthen the legs, which can help shape the legs as you want.

If barbells are too heavy, start with resistance rubber, which can have the same muscle building effect.


Consider doing yoga or pilates. Try taking yoga or pilates classes in the studio or on the internet. Lower intensity exercise can help strengthen and stretch your muscles, especially the muscles in your legs. [18]

In yoga and pilates there are movements and poses that specifically target your feet. Movements such as downward dog and warrior pose series will strengthen and shape your leg muscles, which makes it look longer and slimmer.

There are many yoga and pilates programs that you can follow through video. You can consider buying a DVD, which offers basic program guides that you can follow. You can also look for videos or training programs on the internet that can guide you to various levels of yoga and pilates sessions


Fat does not only like slugs in the stomach or hips, even the legs are the target. The risk of carrying lots of fat in the body is slowing down your activity and increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The only way is to erode fat in the body, and if you realize that complaints of fat in the area of

the feet, especially thighs and calves, you can try this method and have your back legs toned and beautiful.

Step 1.

Eat foods low in fat and calories. Limit food too sweet and oily, and consume more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Step 2.

Do 30-69 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five days a week. This cardio exercise burns fat and accelerates the process of weight loss effectively. Consider doing exercises that target foot exercises such as walking, running or cycling.

Step 3.

Do squats for two to three days a week. As reported by Livestrong, The American Council of Exercise reports that squats are the best exercise for the thighs.

The trick, start standing with your legs open hip-width apart. Then bend your knees and apply your body to the knees. Stand back and repeat the movement for up to 12 counts, do 4 sets.

Step 4.

Do lunges, two or three days a week for 30 days. The trick is to stand legs hip-width apart, then step one foot forward, and the other leg in the original position. Lower the body and let the weight be charged to the foot.

Step 5.

Take an alternative ladder or walk for several meters if you go to the office / to campus. Burning fat in a relaxed way will at least burden you.