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Do owning pet make a person to become a nice person?

Owning a pet can not make a person's character to become any better. You might own a pet and treat the pet very well, but your lifestyle is nothing to write home about which means you are a self centered person.

An aggressive person or a wicked person will always be a wicked person unless he decides to change.

Training a pet can in no way change someone who is not a good person.

A person can only change from being a bad person to a better person if he wants to. It all depends on what he reasons on his own and decide to put into action.


Expecting that the pet is for instance a dog,cat or something domestic then at that point in time YES, however not quickly.

One motivation behind why a few guardians let a child have a pet at a youthful age is to show them how to deal with another living thing. Pets can't talk so it is truly up to us people to conclude and comprehend what our pet needs and needs from us.

Because of this, individuals who have claimed something like one pet in his lifetime have subliminally figured out how to feel for other people. Without talking, simply feeling the environment and taking a gander at others, one would realize how to respond. Hence making them look all the more benevolent to other people.

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I don't see see how owning a pet would change a fundamentally mean or selfish person into a nice one.  More than likely that type of person would not even be owning a pet unless if was for some sort of financial gain.  And then it wouldn't be a pet, it would simply be a commodity to that person.  

But if the person was basically a nice person but was not happy because of loneliness or lack of affection, then owning a pet could bring joy and purpose to their life.  That in turn would make them seem like a nice person again.  

If you have something or someone in your life to love and care for, it brings out those good qualities in you.  A pet, if you care for it, will show you trust and loyalty and allow you to feel those things in return.  A pet will give a person something to think about other than themselves and give them a sense of responsibility in taking care of the pet.  


Often yes. There is an old saying. The person who does not like animals does not like humans either.