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Why do some phone battery drain faster?

 Everybody has faced the problem of running the battery faster. This problem is especially high on smartphones. Basically, for some reasons, this kind of problem is - 

 1. Virus or malware,

 2. Battery problem

 3. Do not keep apps updated on time, 

4. Certain apps cost more than the battery charge. 


But, with the usual practice, battery charges can be kept for a long time. Such changes may be made in a short time to keep the battery charged for a little longer.

Take care of the phone while charging
battery Always try to charge 40% to 80% of battery charge. Frequent charging, but do not let the charge be paid back to the additional level. Charge will be charged as soon as the charge decreases but occasionally the battery charge will be completely completed.  

Turning off running applications
Most of times can be seen you often running a program but automatically the system runs another program. This way many applications are stored in the task day after day. So there is an easy way to clear them. This process is different on one phone. However, after hitting the 'menu' button on most Android phones, all the running apps will come in the list and it will be left when you drag them into the right or left. For the iPhone, pressing the 'Home' button will press for two consecutive times to get the list of running apps and drag it to the left or to the left. There are also many wars but i can't write more now.So sorry for that.

And thank you for your valuable question!


You can often have apps running in the background that you don't even realize are open and running and draining your battery. There are also battery saving settings you can use that most people do not use, then of course every phone is different and some batteries may just drain faster than others just based off their design or energy storage capacity.