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Can money buy freedom?

It definitely depends on the type of freedom you mean when it comes to the financially achievable freedom, for example money can buy food, shelter and clothing this is a freedom from the three basic needs of life and if there's no money then it'll become a need that will forever remain unsolved.

When I say financially achievable freedom, I meant there are freedom that can be bought from the jurisdiction of money and definitely there are some prisons that money cannot buy freedom from,  for examples, it'll be definitely be difficult to buy freedom from addiction like smoking, drug and alcoholism, (which are deep problems that needs even desperate attention than money can guarantee.)

These are psychological prisons that I think that money can never be able to buy freedom to. In other words money can definitely buy freedom but it's depend on the visibility of the problem that needs freeing, money can only buy freedom to physical problems.


Money stands for help from other people. To the extent other people can help you attain freedom, yes. 


Yes. That is one thing money can do.

Freedom to do whatever you want. It gives you the choices that you wouldn't normally have if you didn't have money. Being able to choose what you do with your life. where you live and what you do for work.

It gives you the choice to work for your self or work for somebody else. Money basically gives you the freedom from the worry of monthly bills that strangle so many of us.


In some countries I do believe that is true.


Cash subjugates people. In the event that cash subjugates people, at that point by what method would money be able to purchase opportunity? The appropriate response is cash can't be opportunity. Cash has positively no characteristic esteem. On the off chance that you requested that cash give you your essential needs, it will fizzle. Cash can't manufacture you house. Cash can't make you nourishment. Cash can't make you water. At long last cash can't make you oxygen. The way that people give cash more profitable than the necessities that keep people alive is simply melancholy! Cash should be wiped out as quickly as time permits since cash is an immense issue for humankind. In particular, cash twists free! The way that a human needs cash to purchase something just demonstrates that you are not free. At that point people are additionally the main creatures that bite the dust from an absence of cash. That to me is totally idiotic. Likewise, cash can't get you regard. Cash can't get you rest. Cash can't get you insight. Cash can't get you information. Cash can't get you time. Cash can't get you life. Cash can't get you wellbeing. Cash can't get you bliss. Cash can't get you trustworthiness. Cash can't get you adore. At that point, there are likewise numerous different things cash can't purchase, however I won't show them. At last, cash can't purchase opportunity and cash is a to a great degree silly question that should be abrogated rapidly!


Money can buy freedom? If you mean about food or human's need like home, shirt, or transportation, money can make you freedom. You can get all with money.

But if you mean, about criminal. I don't agree that money can buy freedom out of criminal problems. Justice must be upheld and money cannot be bought it.