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Have musing became more picky since the update?
Ok have anyone else noticed that the amount of questions being upvoted have decreased and the ones that have been upvoted are upvoted with a lower value that before. I am speaking here from personal experience I am 100% sure that some of my question this week are better than the ones that i had before and the quantity sure increased but now instead of relatively all my questions are upvoted only about 12.5 % are.

I wouldn't know as i have only been on as the HF 20 was happening and I have noticed that they are fair with what and how they vote. 

One mustn't feel entitled to a vote as the standard has increased. The number of people on here has increased as well. If you posted 100 questions and answers on here now you would probably be lucky to get between 5 and 10 votes. maybe some days more than others.

It is like putting a post on Steemit ,you can have an idea what it is worth but the readers will tell you with the votes. The same here with the curator so no one can complain. You win some and you lose some so just keep going and you will be rewarded at some point. i am just grateful if I receive a vote and move on.


This is my first answer with musing so lets put that theory to the test shall we? I'm ready for you musing!!!! =D


I have noticed the same pattern and experienced the same thing, Both the frequency of the upvotes as well as the percentage have definitely decreased in the last week.

No idea if it is related to HF but the timing does seen to agree.

I have also thought I had some pretty good answers this week that were either skipped or received less than what I would call normal up0vote.

However, it does seem that there are more answers in general receiving some kind of upvote now so perhaps they are simply spreading the love around a lot more.

There are a LOT of 1% and 3% answers given out whereas you didn't see many of those in the last month, Mostly 5% and 10% but those have always been harder to come by.

Perhaps after the update they found their delegation decreased and can't offer the big votes anymore?

Perhaps there simply has been an upswing in the number of people answering.

Perhaps the answers themselves are getting better and more people are deserving of upvotes.

Who knows the reason, but I do agree that this is not simply in your mind.

There also seems to be more tome between curation rounds/rewards. 

Again this could simply be a reflection of the new environment after the upgrade.

Either way musing is still here, still upvoting and I am happy with that.


I have noticed quite the contrary. Musing amount of upvotes for my answers and questions are still equal, but way higher when they do upvote. Might also be the value of Steem that has increased, might be a factor yes.