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What is your favorite obscure indie title? and what is so special about it?
it should be relatively unknown but more importantly it must be an indie title
Pi(1998), directed by Darren Aronofsky, would be my pick. I hated the movie in my first watch but that was the time when my watchlist was rather slim and I wasn't wise enough to truly grasp the subject matter. After many years of movies experience I gave it a rewatch and I was truly amazed how with such a low budget Aronofsky was able to give an intense, bizarre and somewhat horrifying experience to moviegoers .


The special thing about the movie is really it's bizarreness. A genius' quest to find a pattern in "pi" and hence unlock a code to Wall Street that begins to transform into an adventure that could answer the biggest questions of Human Existence and GOD plus atypical cinematography that revolves around a man sickened of genius are truly the spirit of the movie.
Coincidentaly I wrote and posted some reviews about my favourite indie flicks. One of them was "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind". My indie watchlist isn't that rich. I have watched at most 20 some indie movies. Maybe that's why this one carved a line somewhere in me.

When you first see its poster you will think this must be another of Jim Carreys comedy ones. But you will think otherwise if you just watch the first 2-3 minutes. If you havnt watched it yet anthing related to the movie I say will spoil it for you..So if haven't allready just watch it and I can promise it wouldn't be a waste your time.
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