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Why is music called "food for the soul"?

I like to listen to all kinds of songs. Vocal and instrumental, emotional or rock. I like it all, and depending on my own mood, I spare time to listen to music. 

Music is indeed food for the soul. It helps the soul to energise and keep hoping. 

Imagine, you are feeling down and then happen to her an uplifting song, it will do wonders for you, trust me and make you vibrant again. 

The same goes for sad songs too. If I listen to a sad song, it brings back all sorts of sad memories. Music helps keep the memories alive. 

I am glad that the internet is full of song and dance videos because it helps keep the humanity alive. when we were children, we used to hear songs from the tape recorder or the record player both of which the young generation may not be familar with. We used to get to hear songs through the radio also. Although, the facilities were much less back then, songs were adopted worldwide and musicians were very worshipped. 

Now, it is the fast age and music if it has to live long, must be really good. There are quick songs which become famous but do not stay long in the hearts of the listeners - like for example, the gagnam style. 

Music also heals the soul and brings a calm to the body and mind. 



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Music is called the food of the soul because of the fact that it is capable of taking one's pain and sorrow away.

Music gives joy to the heart so most people tend to rely on music as a source of hope when they are depressed.

I myself do rely on music whenever I feel worried about something or when I am hurt. Listening to music puts me back on track as it reduces my level of worries and is capable of deleting my worries of my mind.

Music is also capable of making one live long on earth as it is a source of happiness. Most elderly people go out to listen to live karaoke just to derive happiness from it.

I personally do say it is not only the food of the soul but also the fruit of the soul.


I guess one of the reasons why music is food for the soul is that it calms our mind and let's it relax when we feel really stressed.

There are instances when we need music. The soul which is like this invisible force field that is inside our body that we can't usually feed at all. So the way is that we should feed it is through music. Music calms the mind and is useful for jogging, workouts, even doing work become easier. I guess when we have a bad day, music definitely is something that we listen to that makes our soul feeling much better.

Music heals the world, built communities and also sends powerful messages that repeats itself. Music is very powerful. I see these youth keep on repeating the songs they constantly hear.