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What is a small trick you have learned that has proven to be very helpful??

Genius & enlightenment alway await on the other side of judgement. πŸ”‘ 🌟



Being positive about something.

I have always told myself and anyone I come across that no one can lie to me. That I always find out, no matter what. Surprisingly, that has been true for me. Anyone who tries to lie to me, they may get away with it for a short while but I eventually find out the real truth.


When I was a little immature in the past, I used to say true things in front of people's face when they asked me for my opinion on their certain things or my decision on buying something. Like- they are not looking good in that dress, their shoes costs much than the regular price or something like this. I later find it very uncomfortable for them and people don't actually want to hear the truth. Β 

People like to hear what make them feels good. And when we tell them the truth they started to dislike us, however it was them who asked for the opinion. But what can we do this is human behaviour which I have learned very lately.Β 

Now I don't always say the ultimate truth on their face anymore, I used to act like they are looking great or their decision is perfect or so. I react like I am amused by seeing the certain things; their shopping, make up, clothing etc. This simple helps me to come in their good list. People started to like me.Β 

I am not sure whether this is very wise or not, but people really don't want to listen the truth from others. They want to hear appreciation to give themselves good feeling. You can also try this to come closer to peoples gives them much better feeling and keeping good relationship with them.

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One small trick in life that has been very helpful for me is not to overreact when you hear bad news or something makes you angry. All too often we have a tendency to get angry and then say or do things that we will regret later. I have always taken the approach that when someone or something makes you angry, don't overreact, take a few minutes to collect your thoughts, try to see things from their perspective and wait a few hours before going back to the subject. It is very likely that you will have calmed down by then and you will be in a better state of mind to address the issueΒ 


Always tell the truth, but if people don't like it, better say nothing at all


It's not a trick, it's a philosophy of life. Positive attitude and always thank you for the good and bad that happens in my life. Being grateful has allowed me to look at and value the positive things that happen around me, even if they are small details, this is something that makes me very happy and gives me peace.

I also appreciate negative circumstances or problems that you never want to appear, but that are inevitable. I reflect on them and try, as much as possible, to find the positive behind them.

For example, at this moment my car ran out of battery, here in my country (Venezuela) is a serious problem because there is a shortage or if you get out of the businesses that sell them you have to pay very high prices. Β It is a problem because I need the car to move to my work place which is very far from home, but in the middle of this situation AGRADEZCO, first of all, that I have a car and, AGRADEZCO also, that during this time that it has been stopped, it has been useful for me to go out and walk with my husband, I have been able to know of generous friends who have offered to reach out and, finally, AGRADEZCO because it will suit us at this time.Β 

A positive attitude and gratitude are principles to live very useful and to be in harmony with the universe, in balance, tranquility and peace with ourselves.