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What is called the stockholm syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome is basically a psychological defence mechanism of hostages where the create a bond with their captors in order to preserve themselves. Taking into consideration everything the hostage probably goes through during captivity, the bond is quite illogical and downright silly but 8% of all kidnap victims show signs of stockholm syndrome.

The name originates from a case in Stockhold, Sweden, where four bank robbery hostages defended their kidnapper after being released and would not testify against them in court.

Even though stockholm syndrome is known worldwide, it is still considered a "contested illness" because most of the law enforcement officers do not believe in the condition. Stockholm syndrome however, is found mostly in victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, discrimination, terror, and political and religious oppression. 


The stockholm syndrome could be actually defined as the major psychological tendency of a hostage to actually bond with, or really identify with, or really sympathize with their captors....."

The Stockholm syndrome is actually a defense mechanism which makes people who are actually harmed or actually tortured by an individual to really think that yeah the torture had to really happen....

so In that actual case they really begin to actually sympathize with their so called tormentors or the captors.... during the process they tend to actually defend the tormentors when the police have arrested their tormentors..,

Those suffering from stockholm syndrome are usually loyal to their tormentors..