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Why do people love to sit in front of buses?
Funny acts of people

Lol.. Different strokes for different folks.

People get to sit in front in buses for different reasons.

For some, like myself, they do sit in front cos of the comfort. Not having to disturb or be disturbed by a seat partner. This could however be counterproductive if the bus is one that takes two people in he front seat like we have with some buses here in Nigeria.

Also, some people do just so they can get a good look at happenings around, clear and first-hand.

Some others do so due to the convenience of alighting. You don't have to move between people to alight nor do you have to excuse other passengers who want to alight.


I don't always get the opportunity to sit at the front of buses but each time I do, I don't take it lightly.

You get to see everything from the Driver's point of view.

If you are someone that likes to take authority, take charge, then sitting at the front is probably your best option.

It enables you see what's happening before those at the back even know that there's something happening.

The comfort it provides also is another reason people would love the front seat more.


Uh... they’re suicidal..??


Because they probably want to see all that is happening


There could be several reasons for it. Some might just want to easiy get out of the bus when they need to get out already. There are buses with just one door which is in the front side.

Some might also like to be in front to avoid much bumps or it is less bumpy on such spot compared to the back part.


Moving in a transit or travelling to any destination is one activity people find very enjoyable to do. Whether it's a Toyota Hiace bus or a Marcapolo, a fourteen-seater luxurious Mazda, one position eyed mostly by people is the front seat.

One reason why people fight to secure the front seat of a bus is to get a clearer and wider view of things, peoples, structures and building outside. If you're in front of the bus, no one has a better view of the outside as you and this include the back view as you'll have access to the rear view mirrors.

People religiously love to stay strapped to the front seat of a bus to enjoy the music that comes from the sound system. If you stay in front, you are more likely to feel the impact of the music more, whether it's blasting from a radio station or from a CD player. It's leaves one with an ethereal feeling.

Wouldn't you enjoy the company of having a gist with the driver or having the driver gist you? This definitely is another reason why people develop a pure phobia for front seat, and in this case the ladies seem to be highest *"practitioners"*. But though this is risky as it may tend to distract the driver, but I think It's cool especially when you find a driver that's quite interesting.

People also struggle for the front seat to enjoy the air conditioner (AC) most. Another reason is for convenience, people feel more comfortable seatingn in the front seat than behind.

When next you see people struggle for a front seat in the bus, just know that for every struggle, there is a reson.


Lol, another one joked that people in the front arrive early.

From my part its because of a common old day misbelief that the drivers side is always safe. Incase of an accident. My grandnother used to say people in the middle suffer the most during the accident and people at the back experience the worst road bumps (this i somehow agree too)..


Every individual has their own reasons why they prefer sitting at the front of the bus. Some reasons I see is they are close to the door. Either their destination is close or it is easier them to get off the bus. Another thing is, front seats are reserved for the elderlies and PWDs. That way, it is easy for them to go out of the bus. I prefer actually in the middle when it's not rush hour. I take the back seat during rush hour because many are standing at those times. Sometimes, it actually depends on the system of th bus operators. Some bus operators are annoying, and it compromises comfortability of their passengers.