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Why are u still single ?
Questions you should ask yourself

Singleness is a stage or a state. It is not a crime neither a disease. There are several reasons why one may still be single. It is all hinged on one word. That is "Readiness". I'll explain some more

1.Having a partner requires that you contribute emotionally, physically, mentally and otherwise to another person. One may not be ready for the stress and burden that comes with shouldering another person's responsibility. That you are not ready now doesn't mean you would never be. Take your time.

2. Another reason for which a person may still be single could be because they are still in school. Not every one is skilled at multitasking. Some persons prefer to take life one step at a time. They give their best with undivided focus. So until

they are done with one major, they may not want to go into a relationship.

3. Financial Implications: Being in relationship with someone is not financially free. Ladies these days are not ready to go into relationship with a broke person who is not ready to share in their bills. Guys too have become enlightened and don't want a lady who would become a financial burden on them. So it might be wise for one to gain some level of financial independence before getting into a relationship.

4. There are certain things you can't do being hooked with someone. A whole lot of times, your partner will want to be involved in your life more than you would like. It takes two to tango. There are things you can't do when you are married. I remember some friends we grew up together who had plans to go to the university but found love and got married. That was the end to their career. A whole lot of times, your partner may want you to start raising kids immediately which may hamper your plans.

5. Some people have been in toxic relationships in the past and for that reason may want to take a break until they think they can handle the stress of another relationship.

Don't let the pressure of wanting to date or loneliness push you to be with just anyone. Take your time, fall in love with the right person and groom your relationship. It is better to be single than to hook up with the wrong person. You will live everyday regretting and wishing you never did. Enjoy your single hood until someone worthy of your space comes around and you are ready.

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What a question?

The answer is simply because I am not ready to embrace marriage life. I am simply not ready for it. Marriage is a serious deal and not just something you can take and later give back. It is a life long commitment and you need to be adequately prepared for it. One needs to be psychologically prepared, financially prepared, physically prepared and spiritually prepared.

In my case, I am still a student trying to get a degree and any logical person who understands marriage will understand that I am simply not ready for marriage. It will be odd for me to start considering marriage at this stage of my life and that is why I am still single and struggling to make myself ready for it.

I know I will get there someday but right now, I am just not ready for marriage and that is the simple answer I can give as to why I am still single.