If your mother goes away forever and returns to God, will you feel this world is empty?
I don't mean to make you sad because of my question. But I just want to know what you feel if a mother is very important in your life
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Of course, my mother is very important to me. For her sake, I hope that her time will come before mine. And yes, it will be a heavy blow when she dies, but I won't feel as though the world will be empty. My mother is dear to me but she is not my whole world as she was when I was very young. I'm not a child any longer. I have a family of my own. My mother is not too young any longer. When she dies (provided I'm alive), I will grieve her, but I know I will recover. But if I a child of mine were to die before myself, that's something I might never recover. 

This question reminds me of my mother who just died. Two months ago he was still with me.

I am sad and it feels like an empty life without the presence of a mother in our family.

Before my mother died, I took care of her and accompanied her in the hospital for 21 days, I saw that there was still hope for her to recover at that time. But fate said something else, God took it from me forever.

I remember my mother's last request before she died, my mother asked me to look after my father and younger sister @ siti.nadia

I do not have to be weak, I must be strong and must rise from this sadness. I have the responsibility to care for and educate my younger sister so that they can live this life.

Now that I run a restaurant business left by my mother, I start over again.

Day after day I continue to live, I feel mother always present in me. Mother must be very happy to see me from there.

Mother, i love you My love is forever for you mom.

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@owner99, I know it will feel strange what I'm going to write now, but I know this from experience.

It's the hardest thing to loose your mother, especially if you were close. It hrts like hell and you can do nothing about it at the beginning.

There is two types of mourning. One when the loss is sudden and the other when you know it will happen at some point.

When the loss is sudden, you have many regrets, because there was no time to say goodbye, you feel like there were things you've never said or done although you could or should have. This is the worst, because you have to live with your conscious for the rest of your life, you can't turn back the time to do differently. What's done is done, you can't change it.

The other case is when you know it will happen. In these cases the mourning starts when you find out there's no way of saving her. This is said by psychologists, it's not my invention and it's true! I'm telling you from experience, unfortunately.

In these cases you have time to be with her, to make her happy, to give her everything you can, to comfort her, make her feel loved. Believe me, it's the best medicine, and the best thing you can do. Bringing flowers to a grave won't help, and won't make the pain go away. Trust me.

Unfortunately the inevitable happens, no matter what you do. It's very hard at the end, you feel like the world comes to an end, life has no meaning any more. You have to be strong and take one step at a time. Concentrate on your family and loved ones. They need that, this must be hard on all of them, not just you. Each of us has a different way of dealing with pain. I'm sure she would want you to take care of yourself and your family and would be happy to know you're doing a great job.

The first year is though, especially when it comes to family gathering, celebrations and gatherings. It's hard to see she's not there to enjoy family times. After that it becomes a little bit easier, time will ease the pain a little bit but it never goes away.

My advice, pay more attention to your family, your loved ones, spend as much time with them as you can. Give love to them and make you mother proud. You'll find a way to deal with the pain, just never give up! Have a nice day my friend! If you need help, you know where to find me.

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Thank you, my sister, @erikah, your attention is really very good in beautiful sentences. Unfortunately, I have lost my mother and my mother-in-law. They have now been with God in heaven. I can only pray for them, may all their goodness in life, be a vehicle to a beautiful paradise. amen

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That is really sad, my condolences @owner99 but you're strong and only time will heal the wounds.

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Everyone comes and goes into our life, yes some of them are really important into our life but it doesn't mean that we allow them to rip out our life into empty hole if they're no longer there. 

We just need time to find some meaningful stuff to fill up the hole if it does made an impact and time will heal over the time. Yes, you'll miss your mother if she's gone but don't let it make your world empty because your own mother wouldn't want you to feel that way either.

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I'm really close to my mom. I can't say a word if she's leave me so soon. Beside there's nothing I have to give to her already. Empty feel of the world is for sure. But come on, life is not ending. Make sure that you believe all the things that living, someday also gone. The the one who's gone will never return.

So when we still having our mom beside us, do something that can make her proud, make her happy, even with the smallest thing's like "ma, have you been eat?" Because when you can't do such thing anymore, it'll be so sad.

And whomever you that has been leave by your ma, make sure to always pray for her. In every chance you got. At least that the thing's you can do. And go on with your life, show must go on with one or another.