Are you sure if the price of Bitcoin will reach the point of $ 20,000 usd / btc next year?
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and I don't think it will even reach $10,000 again in next year.

The overly inflated price of Bitcoin was primarily a result of Chinese investors pumping all their money into it,

as a good means of hiding and laundrying money.

They held on to about half of all coins, and controlled over 50% of the mining operations.

Now, that the Chinese cannot easily invest into cryptos, 

due to the governmental regulations,

there's just not going to be another enormous bubble.

Who's going to pump it? 

Not Chinese.

And the next economic crisis is approaching anyway.

It don't look too good for the crypto market.

But hey, a lot of popular coins will become penny coins.

Make sure to invest you birthday money and hodl for 5 years.

I think I will be a pessimist here. I just don't see Bitcoin reaching that $20,000 height again. The bashing is too much from both the government and individuals alike.

We never can tell if a policy comes or if China and other governments embrace cryptocurrencies. For now and as things stand, Bitcoin cannot reach $20,000 next year.