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Do you have a simple solution to overcome poverty in your country without having to depend on government interference?

Overcoming poverty has a direct link with government interfaces. There is a low chances that you can overcome it with out the helping hand of government. But as we can see people find a way for better living no matter what their obstacles are. 

1. The major thing needed to overcome poverty with out government is 'self-employment' or 'entrepreneurship'. Though these two need passive support for the government.  But if a community can build a 'self-sustaining' financial support system in between their community. Then it would be lots more easier. It can be a community fund or anything similar like this. Where people can  take financial support and thus grow a business. 

2. Another thing I have observed is 'NGO funding': It can be a major means of poverty reduction. Not only NGO can provide financial support it can make many employment opportunities among the community. NGOs have so many dynamic and vast projects to help poor. The small credit loan can be a great means to reduce poverty. And it is a proven method also.

3. The community leaders and power holders have to take initiatives to help the poor involve in any livelihood sectors. Or they can support them by giving cattle or other livelihood support to run their life smoothly. 

All these initiative could be build in a community and there is no much need of government support for this. But I think the most convenient solution is self employment and hardship to get rid of poverty and Improve life condition.


I will say if I am elected as a president or rather handed over to overcome poverty in my country without having dependence on the government, I will do two things.

Firstly, what I will do is to make public enlightenment about how to be self employed. Performing some public enlightenment in all area of the country so as the citizens should know that they should not depend on government for them to provide work for them that they will live on. Each of them must be able to be self employed and start working on his or her own without the help of government or the provision of work by the government. By this, people will get work to do and start earning money which will help in the stopping of poverty across the whole country.

The second one is for everybody to trust in God. Should put their trust in God and not in government as he who put his or her trust in man or government suffer but he who puts his or her trust in God never lack so they can not be poor asGod will always provide.

By this two solution, my country can be able to overcome poverty without the dependence of government.



If I want to initiate a means of overcoming poverty without depending on government interference. I will have to build about four standard factories across the four ethnic groups we have in my country which means one factory in the north, one in the south, one in the east and one in the west.

This factories will be factories that can employ up to 5000 people each, by so doing I think the level of poverty will decrease while I still work towards building more factories for the benefit of the society and the unemployed.