What is the growth of the musing.io community in your country and what impact does the positive influence on the whole community have?
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In my country, at first a lot of people opt to try out musing.io, but as they have seen our mother tongue language is not yet supported, they are quite hesitated to use. But I do believe that we will see more new people coming and try out this great platform.

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Well. I can say that, musing is so simple for sure, and having one helluva positive things for me. About the growths in my community I can't say something yet. Because for me itself, I know this musing from my brother, and get very interesting of it. But here's the deal. And read it carefully please.

I just found out, that several people were actually making an article here. Well I'm not blame it. But come on, can't we just answer someone question by yourself experience with several fact. Instead of explain the whole thing, using one hundred of site to make a sure. Because for me, musing is like, someone having a problem, or question, or opinion, or even they telling something about themselves. And then here we are, answering their question, based on what happened to ourself, it okay for inserting some of fact that you found online, but please don't make it like 100 fact.

For me, musing is really great, simple, and really helpful. But otherwise it's back to ourselves, I just having an opinion here. Hehe