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Who is your favorite basketball player, why did you choose it?

I love basketball and I think anyone who plays the game at a professional level is nothing short of amazing. So picking a favourite basketball player is not an easy decision for me.

Of course I've always asked myself this question, you know, subconsciously and it's always been a back and forth and over the years there has been some changes and reinforcements and all that. But two names which are always constant here is Derrick Rose and Steph Curry. 

Allow me to explain the back and forth.

It all began with Rose.

Derrick Rose was a number one pick in the 2008 nba draft. He was a talented basketball player right from the start, and for his performance in his first year in the NBA he won the rookie of the year. But nobody could have predicted that in 2011 D.Rose would go on to become the youngest mvp in nba history.

It was so amazing that the year, watching him play. His abilities, his energy, his athleticism was quite something to behold! It was art in motion. The way he blew by defenders left even the commentators in awe. And at the end of his MVP season everyone recognised that this was a really talented player who had a very brilliant very unique future in the nba .

But then, sadly, it was not meant to be.

Derrick Rose was to tear is anterior cruciate ligament and the injury was to keep him out for a very long time. When he returned, however, he was not the player he used to be. He struggled to cope with the injury and he never regained his form. Still I love him as a player and I knew and I will always know how good he can be. And how lucky we were to witness the awesomeness that he gave us during his better years.

I should also see that this season he has been playing magnificently for his new team. He is averaging almost 20 points a game and shooting almost 50% from the 3-point line.


The other name on my list is Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry's story is just amazing. Nothing short of inspiring. He was the eldest son of the nba player dell curry. But even though his father was an nba player it was hard for Steph to get a college scholarships. They always cited the fact that he was not big enough and not strong enough to make it in the nba.

In the end he had to settle for a little known college. Davidson. And from there he trained and honed his skills to become the greatest shooter the nba has ever seen. Steph's storie us inspiring to so many people that you just can't help loving hin.

His quickness on the court, too, and his leadership abilities and kindness is all just so enchanting to me. And not to mention is humility.

It's hard to find a player with the level of Steph's success that can still maintain such an humble outlook on life. And also he's so adorable and has this really cute baby face that dares you not to fall in love with him if you can.

So there you have it. My favorite basketball players. I hope you enjoyed them. Cheers and have a nice day



My favorite basketball player has to be Michael Jordan. He was the most dominant player of his era and the most dominant player I had to joy to see playing (on TV, sadly).

His stats are just beyond impressive, even though he is not first in all departments, as a matter of fact he is first in only a few departments and players like Lebron James will have more impressive numbers at the end of their careers.

In any case, Jordan was for me an inspirational athlete. His demeanor, his aggressiveness, his style. He could have had 8 championships in a raw and at least tied the Celtics record (his first retirement—1993-95—is to be blamed for that and that is probably one of the few things I question about him).

Jordan got 6 titles (1991-93, 1996-98) and 6 MVPs, among other accolades; an impressive performance considering that most of the 50 best NBA players of all time played during Jordan’s career.

I watched all 6 finals where Jordan’s Bulls resulted victorious and for me those games were the most impressive display of resourcefulness, ambitious, passion and fun for the game I have ever seen. I did not have the luck of seeing players like Bill Russell, Chamberlain, or Abdul-Jabbar in their prime, but when you look at the footage of their games you see a different kind of game, a different kind of player. Jordan gave basketball the notion that one player can actually make a difference, can actually make the game run around him. His style, his athleticism, his feats and that feistiness that he used to minimize the stature of men like Mutombo, Edwin, or Olajuwon, was something one rarely sees in a player.

He inspired a generation. He put basketball on the world map. He became the image of a kind of athlete who could be the best in their field, articulate, elegant, and up to a certain point a model citizen (I question his gambling).

For these and some other reasons that would take me pages to list, Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player.     


For me, I am picking Kobe Bryant - a sweeter version of Michael Jordan.

Ever since I started watching basketball as a kid, Kobe was always the figure of Basketball. The way he understands the game is phenomenal. He can make plays all by himself and a great teammate. He is a type of player you can rely always on the field.

His dedication, love and passion to the game brought him to his greatness. When he plays, you'll see the beauty of basketball. How a "sport" becomes an art is what I was having fun to watch Kobe. It is always I believe he is following couple of championships with LA Lakers.

He is a phenom, the "Black Mamba" and the greatest player of all time for me. The moves, the "Hands of God" when making a freethrow, threes, and the way he moves the court is always superb.

But what's the most amazing part for me is that he was the greatest not only as a player but as a man. Everybody in the team loves him, gives respect for him, and has considered him a brother on and off the court. This is how much players love him, from Shaq-Gasol-Odom-Artest-Fisher-Walton, and many players he has played with always have positive thoughts for him.

Lakers Fans loved him so much too. He was a tremendous figure for the franchise and will forever be. 


There are two basketball players that are always my favorite. Micheal Jordan and LeBron James.

Micheal is perhaps one of the best and way the one to change the whole basketball image. He is the best and all time great. He has made basketball beautiful and turn it into an art. When I see him play, it's like seeing a magician in the act. Some of his famous tricks that I remember him by are the 360 dunk and the dunks from half court. Even after retirement, he still makes an impact. The Jordan's are still hot hits nowadays. It's iconic.

LeBron shows power. He is like this really strong projectile that is really unstoppable. One of the things that anyone sees in him is his big muscles. He can jump so high that no one would really like expect his move. He is the true king. But sadly he may be retiring. I guess the younger generation now would really op for Stephen curry. Especially his really accurate 3 pointers. Those are the killer shots in a game.


I can't chose one. Because every each one of them has their one unique ability. Let's me just start with the old player first. There's two iconic person of basketball in the past, but people always talk about JORDAN. yea, MICHAEL JORDAN.

I know he's a great player, can't even argue about that, but he's not my favorite. My favorite player from the past is Larry Bird, and Irving "Magic" Johnson. These two are actually best rivalry of all time. Bird with his "All around" skill that is look like you've been slides the rate of 2K game to 99 if you had him on the court. Bird is known for his 3 pt short. And his All around skill that's really help the team win. His golden era is when he's join with The Boston Celtic, and trust me, his game is one the best. Okay the next one is Irving "Magic" Johnson, I call him "God hand" in basketball. Magic known for his passing skill, and trust me, no one better than him. He's really help the team with the way he's playing and set the tone for the team. And for real he's really "pain in the ass" for Bird during their rivalry. These two player is old but trust me they are the best.

Okay then, I'll talk about modern player in this era. There's so many name. Named it, LeBron James from L.A Lakers, Kevin Durant from Golden State, Steph Curry from Golden State, Chris Paul from Houston Rockets, James Harden from Houston Rockets, Russel Westbrook from Oklahoma Thunder, and the rising up star Gianni's Antetoukounpo from Milwaukee Bucks *I'm sorry if I write Gianni's name wrong hehe. These player are special. They having an full arsenal of weapon. LeBron James for example, dude was a train, a HEAVY LOCOMOTIVE TRAIN. Now imagine yourself try to cut him off while he's try to dunk up on your head. You better pray. Okay then, I missing the question here, I'm sorry.

Well the best player I had this time is let's just say he's not really famous, but dude was humble. He's a PG in Utah Jazz team. Call him "Ricky Rubio". For me, he's a wizard, tricky one for sure. I love him for his passing skill. Just don't playing with him. Because he can pass the ball like he had eye's all over the court. And will pass the ball let's say, behind your back, under your legs, behind your head, and even up to the roof for an alley-op play. Dude was unbelievable.

Okay then. That's my answer. Sorry for really long answer because I love basketball.

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