What is stopping you from getting married?
Money! Money!! Money!!!

Actually, I have several goals, visions and target I set for myself which I want to achieve before I can even think of settling down.

All of them require money to make them work... And that money is what I don't have.

Infact, that's what brought me over here to steemit (shh, huge secret alert, tell no on please)

But I'm hoping the years run steady and end on a better note. I look forward to getting married at 29 years old.

And hopefully, I would have achieved all my dreams and ambitions by then.
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Understanding is the most important thing in a relationship. When mutual understanding is no more, marriage will lead to destruction. No mutual understanding will cause many problems that occur in a relationship, such as financial problems. The loss of mutual understanding will also lead to less love for the couple. When this happens, it's time to go looking for another couple.
I think getting married is important. Therefore, there are some things I should consider. First, I have to find a partner I like and match with me. this is the thing I need to do, because I will live with my partner in one house. If there is no match, it will be dangerous for the household I will be developing. If you have not met the matching pair with me, I postpone first to get married.

Both financial issues. If I have not worked, then married also I postpone. Third, the pair's readiness. If my partner is not ready to get married, then the marriage is also delayed. Fourth, there must be parental consent of both parties. if there is no agreement, then married also I postpone while trying to convince them.
I want to get financially independent first so that i can take responsibility of the person to whom i commit to spend my whole life although in todays world girls also earn well and they are also independent but still the society does not accept if girl earn more than boys. even the parents dont let it happen.
Well marriage is a very huge responbility and i believe that someone should be very prepared berore entering marriage,i am not married because i have not found the right person
most of what happens in the life of human economic factors, why it can happen stops marriage, the cause of one of them, the underage child and partly not yet established or the economy is uncertain, indirectly has not had a permanent job.