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Do you think that practice incest are sane?

Hello, answering your question. Definitely the practice of incest does not seem sensible, not only speaking from the psychiatric point of view there are several syndromes such as Edipo and Electra in which the affection towards children goes beyond the parental and family, is a love that goes more to a couple's love. Insofar as incest is biologically dangerous due to the risk of inbreeding, where the gene pool closes and there is a greater probability of the existence of chromosomal anomalies or genetic mutations in future generations, this is why the practice of sex between direct family members high blood kinship is dangerous. However, those who argue that having relations with distant relatives as cousins does not affect genes and support this type of relationship.

It must be clear what type of incest is being talked about and if there is any type of abuse in practice where minors are involved.