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Which platform helps someone to track all voting bots on steemit?

There are two platform that I know of that will help you keep track of the majority of upvoting bots on Steem. 

  • SteemBotTracker - https://steembottracker.com/
  • iSteemD - http://isteemd.com/

SteemBotTracker focuses mostly on the ROI one will get after bidding on a specific bot. They display bots with significant to large vote values at the top and smaller bid bots (and other upvoting bots) at the bottom (except tipu since it's not a bidbot per se).

iSteemD on the other hand ranks popular bidbots around based on several parameters like trust, transparency, downtime, ROI and spam prevention filters. It's mostly aimed at delegators so that they will have a general idea on the reputation of the bidbot they are planning to delegate to. 


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 I recommend one of the best platform where you can see all the information about each bid bit.

Here you can know the status of the next vote auction and what would your roi be, if it could be positive or negative.

Also tiuene a tool or to calculate the value of curation rewad you would receive to make voted in a post.

Another advantage is that it also shows the information of other robots.