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Whats the highest amount you have earned from a single transaction??
For me that would be 148,000 naira or $411 and I was over the moon. It happened just once, several years ago and I haven't had such luck I'm a very long while.<br><br>I'm hoping my endeavors and hardwork both online and offline pay off and I get to earn such a reasonable amount once again.
More context is needed. What amount do you mean? and what type of transaction are you talking about?

But I'll just put in my own assumption to your questions. Amount is in Dollars USD, and by "single transaction" you mean a payment of some sorts regardless of the work done.

that has to be that one time I did a drone project with a real estate company and got paid about $1200 for 2 days of work on my part. But i was basically worked like a mule though almost 14 hours each day, so the overall pay per hour isnt all that high.. I don't recommend being a workforce with no negotiation power.