How would you handle this?
You walked in on a friend or relative sexually abusing a minor. From investigating further, you got to know this isn't their first time. However, they are repentant and promise to change. What do you do?<br><br>Do you bury the issue under the carpet hoping they will turn a new leaf like they promised, or report to the authorities?
Do you know that pedophila is a disease?. If you find someone abusing a minor always remember that, regardless of whoever it maybe, a rape is a serious crime and when its child abuse which extends to rape its more severe.

In the questions description you asked "Do you bury the issue under the carpet hoping they will turn a new leaf like they promised, or report to the authorities?"

And before that you wrote"you got to know this isn't their first time. However, they are repentant and promise to change." Believe me, they never change.

If you are sure that this is not their first time then how can you ensure they'll not repeat this again? Research proves that adult rape is an aderenalin inducer. Meaning when someone rapes another person their adrenalin rush is the driving factor rather than the sexual pleasure. The rapists get a false sense of dominance over the victim's which gives them a perverted sense of satisfaction. And if it crosses over to a certain extent it makes them addicted towards that feeling.

And when it comes to pedophilia or child rape its more of a psychological disease. It can only be solved with proper treatment and rehabilitation. There is no other "Ill get better, please give me another chance" type of way.

If the minor is your acquaintance, family or friend, remember that, when they start to fully understand the extent of how they were abused it will be really hard for them to survive the PTSD. It might tear them apart from which they might never recover.

Let me tell you a story for better understanding. A psychology major student suddenly realised that she was abused by her father when she was a child. She when confronts her father he at first denies. But later on when she provides more facts about how it might be true her father accepts it to be true... She was a fourth year student and there were only few momths left to her graduation. And she committed suicide. And the freaking nightmarish fact was that her mother knew about it. She could have done something but she was afraid to lose their families honor.

Now as a criminology student I myself found that there are no excuses for a criminal endevor unlees the guilty individual was intoxicated. And when it comes to rape the same thing applies.. But for you, if you chose to hide the fact then you are committing the same crime up to a degree. You'll never be able to live with a pure conscious again. So my advice to you would be, if you experience such incidents, never hesitate to notify the proper authority and teach people around you to do so too. It might help reduce rape around you, making your sisters, daughters, female friends or partners life more secure. Wouldn't you want that. It will make the world a better place to breath in.
If somebody is abusing you sexually, that means they are doing the crime. And all we know, who does this kind of are worst criminal of this planet. You must go to authorities to solve this kind of issue. It does not matter who the hell they are.

If the person is your closest relatives. In that case, you should shout out to other relatives as well as authorities to unmask them. Don't worry about your reputation and how the society and your family going to say about you. Just take the action.

My friend, be the hero of your own story. Do not forget this kind of physical harassment, you should take strong action to diminish them.
If caught by me for the first time, I will promise to remain silent about it provided he/she desists from such acts.
I will ensure I am serious about reporting to the authorities should in case he tries such again.
And if in the future, he/she isn't repentant, since it isn't their first time, I would ultimately report to the authorities
Like this - https://www.reddit.com/r/JusticeServed/comments/93vrcv/ped_gets_served/

But seriously if was me not only i'd whoop their ass (if hes a guy) but afterwards i'd call the police on them.

Statutory rape and sexual assault on minor is not a joke. There's no tolerance from me.