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Would You End Your Relationship If You Discovered Your Partner Was HIV Positive?
There are lots of serodiscordant (where one person is negative and the other ,positive ) couples doing just fine. <br><br>There are ARVs and PEP drugs that make these couples live a normal life.<br><br>So, if you found out your partner is infected, would you stay or leave?
This question is a very wonderful and educative one. At first instance you ending the relationship without telling him/her you have hurt his/her feeling and criticize her state of health.
The question is simple, it just depend on your own decision whether standing by the person on ignoring him/her.
But to answer the question is hard. You can only advise on what to do.
If you will ask me for advise i will say you should hold on to the relationship,the thing you just need to do is to protect yourself during sex or any other thing that could make you contact the disease also.
Dont criticize those with HIV, just embrace them!! because they also have their right to life
Thanks a lot for this question. first and foremost having information about this disease is very important. some people dont understand that being HIV positive is not the end of the world.one can still live a fruitful and healthy life with it if the prescribed drugs are taken daily and every guidelines is followed intimately. i will like to be honest here and not answer because im not in this shoe.if i happens to find out my partner is HIV positive, that is when i will stand by her the most.showing here love at this period will make her very happy. when you have a true love for your partner,nothing will make you end your relationship if you understand that somethings that happens to us in life is just what we cant revert. i will like to stress that the main thing that kills HIV carriers faster is STIGMATIZATION, if the closest person to them can abandon them because of their status,then they feel there is no hope for them in the society.ending the relationship will hurt and it might cause more harm than good. i will stay with my partner, get counselled and live a happy life together. HIV is not the end of life.Lets be informed.
What a absolute question how you came this question in your mind I will give proper answer for this question

The question is based on education purpose so I will think first she is having a HIV positive so I will ask my family doctor about my problem and get solution for that and then I will tell my wife if you are having a HIV problem you should first tell me before marriage or you can tell to anyone of my family member.

If we end up the relationship then she will have a bad feeling on us and it can effect on our family,so don't end up relation instead of that we should keep our partner with us while we should have a precaution while doing sex because it can also transfered the same problem to us also so while doing sex we have to think first and precaution should be taken most.

As you go with end up the relationship the partner will alone in the life and she also has a life of freedom so don't ignore him and live a life with safety should be done while doing sex.
HIV Means human immunodefficiency virus.. It's is a virus that weekend the the system immune and makes it difficult to fight diseases that attacks the body. It is a demoralising virus that when discovered, I will naturally be depressed and will be discouraged from continuing the relationship. Nevertheless, awareness is the key to unimaginable victory. For some time now, many drugs for treating HIV has been been produced and it is in the hospitals. Therefore If I am in a relationship, wisely I will find out, to know the status of my partner before commencing the relationship.and when it is discovered, I will check myself if the love I have for him can carry through, also if he can afford the hurdle of such condition why? Because there are a lot fear attached to the fact that one has HIV. The stigma is so high but can be treated medically. if there is money for adequate treatment, we can continue the relationship and also pray and ask God for Divine healing which is possible, but in the absence of that,I will quit the relationship, to avoid further regrets.