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Is there a crowd funding website that allows people from anywhere in the world sign up for help??
GoFundMe is the most popular crowd funding website known, however, it restricts entrance as you have to have a US number and address<br><br>Are there alternative websites likebGoFundMe that allows for all countries?
Of course there is.. Though there are a few caveats.

GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc... are most of the more famous crowd funding sites for whatever purposes.. But to participate you'd need a credit card. Not everyone has a credit card (or rather, not everywhere offers credit card) so i dont know about "anywhere in the world". Plus you there is a minimum contribution, sometimes people just want to fund 10 cent into something for fun..

As for the Blockchain space though, There is Fundition.io. People can fund projects via steem or upvotes and all one needs is the internet and a steem account. I guess that opens more opportunity to people who just wants to donate 10 cent...
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Except fundition.io almost every other crowdfunding websites like kickstartar or indiegogo are limited to fixed countries.

If you live in US, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,or Sweden you can apply for a funding a project as kickstartar supports transactions available in these countries.
On the other hand you can apply for funding in indiegogo if you have paypal account. So where paypal is available indiegogo is also available.

But, with fundition.io you can raise funds from anywhere in the world.. What you will need is an steemit account and a valid project.. And as much as I know steemit is available everywhere. Go to fundition.io, read their "how it works" manual and you will know how to use fundition..
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