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On steemit, if you do not claim the rewards in your wallet, after a certain period of time do you lose them? Or are they just there forever until you claim them?
My hubby was offline for over a month at least and when he logged back in, there were no rewards at all, even though he is on steemauto to upvote people. Although he is also new and only has an SP of about 10 right now. Can you earn curation rewards at all if your SP is that low?
An upvote with 10 sp will only have a 0.001 or less upvote value. Honestly, that isn't much. you will almost never get a curation reward from sp of that amount. and if you do get some it will not be much. And If you stay offline you will not get any rewards. Qnd this case your husband was offline for almost a month. Why would you? you are not curating or posting something that would allow you to gather any rewards at all.

Now the answer to you question is yes, They will just stay there for ever, unless steem pulls back the uncollected rewards by adding a protocolnin a future hardfork that will allow them to do so. But until then your rewards will stay there. Just explore Steem "FAQ" section and you'll find all your answers there.

If you only have 10 sp then that is your problem. That is not enough to cast a "dust vote" so you will not recieve any curation. even once you get about 50 sp you will not gain much in curation at all. To answer your question your rewards will be in yoru wallet once it starts earning rewards. It does not disappear. 

This is a good question,
steemit is a platform that reward author on post and activities on their platform. Steemit main goal is to reward. So as to your question, asking that if you do not claim your reward in wallet on steemit will it be lost after long period of time? My answer is “No” your wallet will be intact the way you left it. For example, you work and work then you get paid, as at that time you are paid you are the rightful owner of you money it depend on how careful you are to keep it. No one else is the rightful owner of the money, It is your money, it is your property for you not loosing it you have to keep it very well.
The same goes to your steemit wallet, so far you have your password intact with you not misplacing it to another person, you are the rightful owner of your wallet no matter how long you keep it, it is yours.
Your reward will be intact forever even if you lose your password, steemit will not touch your wallet until your password is retrieved that is if you finally found your password.
Another point is that steemit is a blockchain built platform where third parties cannot access or granted to someone else unless it is been authorized by the owner.
Since steemit has released your fund to you they cannot take it back, you own it forever.
No, you don't lose the SBD or Steemit in your wallet if you don't claim them. The money is already in your wallet, and since you alone have the key to it (unless you decide to share it with others), it will be there for as long as you want.

I have seen a few inactive steemit accounts with some SBD or Steemit in their account. The money is left there until they decide to claim it.