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Is family actually more important than friends?

For me family will always come first, no matter what. I'm not saying I neglect my friends, but family is always first. 

This however is not the case in every family. I've seen so many cases where family members were angry at each other, not staying in contact, hating each other and so on. That's the saddest thing to witness. Family members should always stick together. 


Varies from individual to individual 

I feel these relies upon what a man is and how he carries on with his life . We as a whole are not same , we as a whole have distinctive ways of life and these is the thing that changes our needs. 

There are individuals who are companion zoned the individuals who have alot of companions and a large number of us dont even have one companion who can remain with them for long lasting yet have an extraordinary bond in family it is possible that it could be with mother , father or even a sibling or sister what makes a difference is a bond . 

Presently gives go to the inquiry I a chance to feel that individuals have there claim needs and on premise of that they set there significances for there loved ones . Every connection is diverse in its own specific manner there are some which don't last more and numerous which can't be broken long lasting , it can even be fellowship. For some there companions are all that they are there family there life and for some there families are all that it very well may be there guardians , life accomplices or youngsters yet they are there world . 

So that is not imperative who is unrivaled family or companions , what vital is connection an association with a companion or a mother , father ; a genuine relationship that keeps going forever and ever .