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What you will do when you stuck between your dream and reality ?
After my final exam, I am facing some indecision what I should do right now.

Always find a balance. Know where you are and where you hope to be and work towards it.

One of the greats hindrance to your dream is your inability to be honest, especially to yourself. You find people struggling but never admit it themselves. They are also trying to maintain a delusionary hope despite the reality staring them in the face. It's not a bad thing to tell yourself that you're tired and failing to achieve the thing you set out to do. That way you can seek the required help you need.

Another thing is setting realistic goals. For example, I can't say I will earn $100 worth of steem in a day, it's almost impossible. Having that kind of goal creates a get imbalance between my speculation and reality. If I carry on in that manner I will only end up being disappointed repeatedly.

Introspect. Evaluate your decision and how they affect your goals. Highlight your challenges and know when it's time to change goals. The fact that you started on. The path doesn't mean that's the only route to follows. And the reality is you might feel stuck at any point but if you have a strong mental picture of where you want to go and you strongly believe that the said goal is achievable then by all means hold on to it. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone but yourself


When you're stuck between your dream and reality, it means you have to plan more so as to make your dream a reality. Dreams can be brought to reality through planning. When you know what you want to become in life (dream) the next thing you need to do is to consider your present state (reality ) and plan on how to make what you want to become in life manifest by putting your present state into consideration.

So when you feel stuck between your dream and reality, all you need to do is to figure out a way on how to make your dream to become your reality


I'm believing this is a honest to goodness request concerning the dream state, or my answer will look silly. 

This can be a huge issue, trust it or not. It comes to pass much of the time when I rest in a sedated state, as the meds shield me from arousing the separation or possibly haul out the imagining state even after I've woken up. A kind of it happens when I'm overtired, particularly in the event that I'm scrutinizing. Regardless, I've had it happen when none of these apply. 

I've seen there to be three special modes this state can take. 

Frightful, with fear or loss of movement. I've come attentive and felt like I couldn't move, couldn't open my eyes. In my half-imagining state, it felt like I'd been secured alive and may never have the ability to move again to caution someone that I was extremely alarm. I've never taken valium again after that happened. Exhorting myself that I'm imagining and trying to wake myself up seem to have the best effect at bringing myself out of these states. 

Fair-minded, with animating effects. This will all in all come to pass when I'm attentive and start imagining. Routinely it happens when examining and I start nodding off between lines with my eyes open, imagining new stories happening amidst the lines I truly read. For whatever time span that I'm physically secured at the time, this is enchanting. It's less so when it happens on the off chance that I'm driving. Distress and fear seem to help bring me out of it, as does getting more rest and drinking coffee and having something to eat. 

Dazzling, with moving examinations. This happens to be routinely when I've as of late woken up yet I'm still to a limited extent resting. Since I never again need to get up at a given time, this happens simply more much of the time, if I recall and am relaxed up enough to allow myself to wake up consistently. The move fall away from the faith to complete readiness is both a better than average, sensitive tendency, and what's more undecided as it feels like a hardship to return totally into the waking scene.