What would you do if your rich parents gave your entire inheritance to charity?

Good for them I guess.  Until they are going it is their money.  They have spent their lifetime accruing it and who am I to tell them how they are supposed to spend it.  The assumption here is that if my parents are rich, I probably had some benefits that other kids did not like a good education and opportunities for a good job.  Most likely I am doing pretty well for myself and able to support myself whether I get anything from them or not.  In the end though how can you complain about money going to charity and it is just money, we can always make more.


Well, this is really not going to be funny honestly.

Firstly it's honourable for parents to leave inheritance for their children even the Bible says in proverbs; a good man leaves an inheritance for his children children.

So personally I will say it's not right for a parents to will all his wealth to charity leaving you with nothing to inherit.

Even if you are rich yourself they are still supposed to leave you an inheritance.

But if such happen and it's me,I won't do anything because I have learned not to have entitlement mentality which is bad and it leads to poverty.

I trust in God who gives power to make wealth,I will keep living my life and be determined to become very wealthy myself and not to depend on my parents wealth in the first place.


I actually hope it doesn't happens though but if I am to answer your question, there is nothing I will do other than making a living for myself. I don't actually have to depend on the inheritance because I believe I can have my own asset too just like they had theirs also.

I won't even advice any parents to engage in such kind of act by giving the entire inheritance in charity since we all know that "charity begins at home". The fact is that the home and family may highly be in need of the charity other than the outsiders. It is required you satisfy your family first before engaging in such charity.

In conclusion, if such thing should happen I suggest you have to keep doing your job or work as a son and maintain close relationships with your parents because he might had angrily gave out your inheritance when you got him angry.

You also don't have to depend on your parent's properties became you also have to create and own your own properties as a man.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.