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If other accounts upvote your post on musing before musing curators see it does that mean they won't upvote the post even if its a quality one?
A friend was telling me the other day if your post has been upvoted by others that musing won't upvote it, so I came here to ask the question to be sure

I don't think so. The musing admins upvote quality posts regardless of whether someone else has upvoted it or not. Quality is quality and if it deserves an upvote from musing then it's most definitely going to get upvoted.

Upvotes from outside sources have nothing to do with musing, they operate independently of other users on steemit.


I guarantee you that is not true. I've written great quality responses to questions on musing.io, had minnowbooster upvote my cross-post on steemit and musing has still upvoted my already upvoted answer a few hours later by an amount anywhere from around $0.76 USD to over $2 USD. This has happened for me several times.


I think that's not true. The upvoting from musing depends on the criteria defined for the posts.

Musing upvote the post which meets their criteria.

May be your friend's post doesn't met the criteria so it was not upvoted by the musing.

Secondly, Musing upvotes manually and upvotes from musing are also not guaranteed so may be your friend's post was not considered for upvoting.

I have seen some of my post which were upvote by other steemit users but still I got upvote form musing also.  


Nope, the current upvote of your answers does not factor in when curators look at your answers.

Your answers are curated based on the quality of your answer. So go on and answer questions you feel like answering, more power to you if you're good at what you're talking about!

If you want to know more you can ask the community directly!



lol No that is not true, What others do does not determine what Musing will do. Musing have staff that go through the posts to verify the quality and standards.

If others find value in what you have posted, This does not effect the thinking of those on Musing. Each work separate from the other.

I think your friend may have gotten things backward and I would say the case is more along the lines of, People will not upvote your post after Musing has cause they will get no curating reward. By voting prior to when Musing votes they stand a chance to gain some reward for their vote.

This makes more sense to me than Musing not voting. 


Other users can upvote your contents on this platform and it will not stop musing.io curators from upvoting

that same content,the curators will upvote a question or

answer which they considered as being worthy of getting an upvote though i believe there will be many

people that think that getting upvotes from users might stop them from getting upvote from musing on that

same content but that is wrong,musing.io curators are transparent and they will upvote any question that is

qualified for an upvote...so do not get worried if other users upvote your question or answer,infact you should be happy about that.....