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If musing were not to be upvoting will you still be on musing and why ?

I think yes.

Initially I joined Musing for some earning. But now I love musing even if I don't answer the questions I love to read the answers given by the other users.   

May be time spent on Musing be reduced but I think I will be still using the musing.

Musing is very helpful to me in number of ways. Such as:-

Sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.

It enables to broaden my vision and I can get different point of view for a single problem/ question.

It also enable me to get some earning while sharing my knowledge.

It also allows me to ask question and clear my doubts.

Lastly, I think that I’m now addicted to this platform. 


Even before Musing got the delegation from SteemitInc I have been here answering questions on my free time.

Although at that time I was using my alt account @clauxklein as I was afraid answers are still automatically posted as blog posts on Steem as what happened on my first time using the platform. Better safe than sorry I guess

Anyway, I was here even before the huge delegation and will probably be here even with no upvotes. It's honestly fun answering questions on your free time. :)


If I'm being totally honest, I doubt I'd still be as active on musing. The concept behind steemit is to reward people for their creativity and posts. What then would be the point being on musing if my posts weren't being rewarded. Besides musing is great but like many others it's basically a blockchain alternative for something and in this case, it's a blockchain alternative for quora.

The end game for most users joining musing is to get rewarded and if that isn't happening then wouldn't people just stick with Quora??


The honest answer is no.  I used to use a similar site a few years ago, WebAnswers.  They paid by using advertising.  Musing is a much better option because we can still have some earnings for asking and answering questions but we don't need to use advertising.


Hmmmm, I think I will definitely discover musing

Well my initial reason in discovering the musing.io was because I have heard that they are giving upvotes just by answering some questions or you giving questions. I have a goal to make a big lift in my Steem Power by the end of the year so I was being very interactive in the community - so I will surely join in all the possible ways to be curated, but now as I was in the platform

I think I will definitely stay in the community even @musing stop curating. Reading some questions and answers prior to that was really fun, you get to know the opinions of others and you even learn a lot of things.

Questions about life, about cryptocurrency and many more was very entertaining that I was being hooked. It was like me getting to know other steemians better that reading their posts

So I definitely I will stay, but I do not want @musing to stop curating HAhahahahaahah


Well honestly if musing.io is not upvoting questions or

answers i will still be on the platform but i will not be active,i will still be on the platform to learn alot of things

from contents that people post on this platform but i will not be active in terms of answering questions,i believe

that the rewards people earn from this platform also encourages them to continue to share their knowledge

with others and the knowledge that people share with each other is what this platform unique and a great platform...


I visit Quora regularly and they don't offer any rewards for either questions or answer I provide. The reason I keep going back is that I'm able to see from multiple different perspectives, everybody has their own way in answering a question and in turn, this makes you think from a few different angles. The same would apply for Musing, I would visit for the knowledge. 

I think that musing still has a little way to go before the quality of answer can be compared to Quora (some answers at least) as you do get a barrage of great answers on that platform, but I do think down the line as more and more are on-boarded to musing the quality with increase and overall be able to provide more and more value to readers and thus reinforce my reasoning for coming to platform, with or without being rewarded.

Finally, one thing to consider is would anybody else still be here without the rewards, I think the answer would be yes, but I believe we would see a drop in users which in turn would see less activity to follow. Would there be anything for me to vote on? or much anyway?