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Do you think God should be blamed for the suffering in the world?

 Existence of God is still debatable and will always be. No one knows who created this world and why. If God has created this world then who have created God? Is he a man or woman? If we say he created this world and also created goodness, then we should admit that he also created evil because he is the sole creator and nothing is beyond himself as he is the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

According to Zoroastrian and Abrahamic religions God created us and wants us to follow goodness while his enemy is Satan, who instigates people to commit sins. But, this doesn’t solve the problem as the question arises about the creation of Satan because Satan is also the creation of God. As God had created him, God is also responsible for the actions of so-called Satan. As God is almighty, he can stop Satan to proliferate evil. Can he not change the minds of the people so that they may never shun the path of goodness? If he can’t do it, then we must admit that he is not almighty. So, worshiping of God is unfruitful. If he can change the minds of people but don’t do that, it means he enjoys from our sufferings. We must not apply double standards. If something good happens because of God’s grace, then something bad also happens because of him.

Some Muslims say that even 'a single leave cannot shake from its place without the will of Allah (God)'. They claim everything happens because Allah wants it to happen. If this is true then they must admit that ‘Kafirs’ are also creation of Allah. It means we are not better than robots that are pre-programmed to perform certain actions. Everything we do is the result of our source code and nothing else. Then we should not be blamed for our bad-deeds. It also nullifies ‘doctrine of karma’ according to which sinners are punished in the hell for their evil deeds after their death while a pious soul is entertained in the heaven. Why should one be punished if he was just doing what one's program instructed one to do so?

This world is created in such a way that creatures always struggle to survive. One’s death is other’s gain. Herbivorous animals eat plants and they are killed by the carnivorous animals who feed on them. Hence, death of plants is necessary for the life of the herbivorous animals while death of the herbivorous is equally necessary for the survival of the carnivorous animals. Most of the time quantum of gain for a person depends on the loss sustained by some other person(s). Is this not an evil system?

When a little baby suffers brutal rape or little kids suffers from the hands of pedophiles do God save them? When innocent people are killed by goons, does God come to help them? In exceptional cases people are saved from some grave misfortune but in most of the cases they suffer heavily. Religious fanatics belonging to ISIS were killing and brutally raping Yadizi women and little girls in the name of Allah. Did Allah come to save those innocents people?

Most of the people say we are responsible for our sufferings. This is true that God in not responsible for our sufferings because God’s own existence is doubtful. If the credit of goodness is attributed to God, he should also be blamed for the proliferation of evil. If first is true, second statement also holds true and vice-versa.

It should also be noted that every person is not responsible for his/her misfortune and sufferings. If one think that the sufferers always suffer because of their Karmas, then one is totally wrong. This kind of mentality makes us fatalists and also makes us apathetic towards the condition of the downtrodden and unfortunate people. 

Certainly, God must not be blamed for the sufferings of people because there is no proof of his existence till date. But, if we say that God makes our life happy and nurtures goodness, then he must also be blamed for the widespread evil in this world and our sufferings must also be result of his will. Many people are responsible for their sufferings but people should not always be blamed for their sufferings as other factors like natural or man-made calamities also contribute in their sufferings. 

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It seems so much easier to blame some entity. The truth is that people will not come together, Society itself corrupts the minds of people and a sense of greed sets in to replace the need.

Life is the way it is because a few high up in societies around the world wish to keep their position and feelings of power, Any time a nations people come together to work for the benefit of the people things can get better.

A mistake not to make is doing so in the same way it has been done before, By relying on those in power to over see a project. With the use of blockchain technology a new project set up by the people could be watched more closely and the corruption prevented before it had a chance to happen. This is still under threat from propaganda to steer the opinion of a people. But it can take away some of the negative possibilities too. 

We can search out to blame God Government our neighbour or the farmer down the lane, It is easy to find someone to blame, Ask the question. Why are we looking for someone to blame so often? Why is there constantly a need to blame someone else? The reason is we do not try to change things ourselves,  Relying on those who have a luxury to change things that might lose them that luxury is not a dream to come true. 

That only leaves ourselves. alone we can not do much to make an influential change, As a group of people combining our resources we can make a difference. We need to be organized for the benefit of our communities and not just ourselves.


Why blame suffering on an entity that brought goodness as what the texts have described? If your neighbor causes you harm, I don't think God told them to hurt you. It was their will to hurt you and it's also your will to cause harm onto others. Each person can cause suffering onto other without knowing it.

There is spoiled food in the fridge. You decided to throw it away in the trash. A beggar comes by hungry and took a bite out of that food you threw. They got food poisoning and was rushed to the hospital. You happen to be the Doctor that treats them. Who shoulder's the medical bill? probably health care funds for charity patients provided by the government if lucky. Where did the money come from? everyone who paid taxes, that includes you. 

Suffering is an elaborate system without a clear face. It exist in many forms and each person contributes to the suffering of others unwillingly. Each person also contributes to the betterment of everyone without intending to do so. 


Let's assume got does exist. I guess, if we were to blame god for the suffering the world, it means that we are not responsible for the damage that we may have caused to every other living organisms on this earth. Well, I guess it is more of humans caused destruction rather than God.

Imagine, if we did live in a place where everything is good then we would thank God. Human nature I guess. Blame someone for the things that we did wrong. If something turns out good, Thank no one.

I think from my view, the hope for the existence of God, although myself I believe of an existence of God and I talk to God in my mind often. Usually I feel my answer comes some time later. So far, my life journey is smooth enough. God has made more discipline in a way. Luckily there are more believers of God than non believers and this is a guide for many people to do more good rather than bad. Imagine if no one believe in God at all. They begin to murder, kill, steal and so on. Just the believe is good to make humanity better.


we can not blame the god. according to my logic. why we must blame god for our suffering? 

The first thing we need to think about why god created us? God created Human to submit to himself. We need to submit to our god because he created us. 

All the suffering is to test us that we still submit to the god or not. that is my perspective. 

The world is full about the Rich and the poor.  Healthy and sick. King and community. This one is stabilization in the world i think. everyone can not be a king. if all human wanna be king, so who will take an action to be a employe in an office?

If everyone wanna be a rich man, who gonna be a farmer? if everyone wanna be healthy , who gonna be a doctor?

so that is my perspective about that.

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The suffering in the world isn't caused by God or any other being but ourselves.

Most suffering is caused by war, war caused by pride, selfish interest and religious bias. Every day, people die, become homeless or displaced, children becomes orphans all because of decisions made by leaders.

As sad as it sounds, some of the diseases people suffer today are even made by man. If you didn't know it, now you do. Wealthy people fund scientists to produce new diseases so that they can benefit from the drugs they sell to the infected making people suffer.

Now from all these things I've said, do you think God should be blamed for the suffering in this world ?.


Not at all. God is not to be blamed at all. In fact, prayers to him will not only strengthen us mentally but also help us if he is pleased with our sincere efforts, wishes and character. 

Just yesterday, I watched the movie - Bruce Almighty where the leading role played by Jim Carrey blames god for all his defeats and then he meets God who transfers his powers to him. The character Bruce slightly misuses the power and ends up creating more chaos than ever. He realizes the importance of being God and the responsibility involved. 

we are responsible to an extent for our own troubles. we have been given the free will and the capabilities to do what we like as humans, unlike other species on this planet. What do we do, instead? We loot the planet, pollute it, cheat one another and then blame God for all the resulting confusion. 

If instead, we strive to be good to ourselves, our families and the society, the world would be a much better place. 

The few essential things we should forsake are :

  • ego
  • anger
  • uncontrolled desire
  • dishonesty 
  • attitude
  • selfishness
  • greed
  • jealousy 

If we let go of all the above, our life would be a miracle and we would thank god instead of blaming him. 

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Man is responsible for the suffering in the world not God. God created a perfect world and put everything in it for the enjoyment of man. It's man that makes the world difficult, makes unfavorable policies, oppresses and hurt fellow men etc

So man is responsible for every trouble we are experiencing in the world today