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If God loves the world why does he allow evil happen ?
God is always good. Right? So, why does he allow evil things happen?

Nice to see the god supporters out in force this evening.

The real answer is, that there is no god and most of whats considered to be 'evil' isn't actually evil, its just people fighting over their personal belief systems....beliefs in their own version of god. 

This fighting over belief systems is unavoidable while ever religion exisits in the world. People become offended when challenged and try andnpushntheir own religious agenda. How can two beliefs be right, mine is right, you are wrong. Each attak and counter attack becomes progressively more aggressive and violence follows.

There are some basically evil people around, but read the bible. Its full of violence, oppression, slavery and control. Its absolutely evil, and so many people follow it as a guidance to morality and ethics! As for the threats of abuse simply for not believing, how insecure is god?

Another point that came from this question is that people jumperd straight in with the free will debate, somlets alter the original question slightly.

Why does God allow natural disasters in the perfect world he created? How can he allow thousands to die in earthquakes and storms ?

Is free will to blame for giving cancer to kids? or is that proof that there is no god? If it isn't proof, and you still believe then that is surely proof he is a sick and twisted sadist.

Lets all drop the ridiculous god beliefs and then we can all try mutual respect, kindness, compassion and love towards each other. 

Religion has failed, let humanity have a try.


God is a righteousness God and there is nothing too hard for me the truth is mankind is responsible for the chaos in the world, you must remember that he created the world very perfect and the bible said "he rested for seven days" you must know that God gave man dominion, the freedom to make choices and take action but the bible said "man's sin were too much it repented him that he created them and that was why he had to destroy the world with water and spared only an individual with his family which is Noah.

God has been taking action against evil that was one of the reason he destroyed the earth with water because he wanted to end wickedness but even after he destroyed the world mankind still embraced wickedness and wrecked evil to their fellow men.

However you must know that God has offered help to humanity through Jesus Christ he said "come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest"

The ultimate solution to the evil that exist in this world is if man embraces the salvation that God offers through his son Jesus Christ but humanity has refused God's help. The bible says God's ear is not too deaf to listen to supplications, but mankind has neglected the extending hands of God and if mankind rejects the freedom and salvation of God, he cannot enforce himself to save mankind if they fail to embrace his salvation.

In conclusion God is not man and walks in mysterious ways we must ask for his help before he renders it and not otherwise, remember Jesus asked blind barthemueus in mark 10 from verse 46-52 what he wanted him to do for him even when he knew he was blind.

The truth is God knows the problems of man but they must be willing to come unto him and seek diligent for him.


God loves the world like you pointed out and He wants everything to go on well. The Bible says that all good and perfect gifts comes from God. God doesn't do evils and neither does he permit it to happen.

This is an area where people have missed the truth. The fact is that God is supreme and He's sovereign. But, God doesn't temper with the will of man. He allows us to have our will. So, whether we do good or bad, it's not in His person to temper with our will.

The Bible clearly stated that the earth is the Lord's and the earth He's given to the sons of men.

(Psalms 115:16 The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD's: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.)

God has given the earth to men to take care of and doesn't interfere with its operations.

Also, there is a god of the world, exclusive of those who are born again (the devil is the god of the world but not for those who are saved). He is the perpetrator of evil. He uses unregenerate men and puts evil in their hearts. That's why you see evil happening all around.

Believers are God's hands on the earth and they are the one who can effect changes. So, if you see things going the wrong way, don't blame God, blame men.

Edmund Burke said 'Evil prevails when righteous men do nothing' (paraphrase). If they don't learn to release God's power into situation and align things back to other, nothing will happen. God has given us His power already and is not about to do anything new.


Without evil, there can be no good. 

Positive vs negative. 

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