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Why would God drive Adam and Eve if some say He wasn't angry with them?
Some christians are of the opinion that God's never angry. If He wasn't angry, why did he drive Adam and Eve from the garden?

God loves everyone. He even loves sinners but hates their sin. God's love is His curative measures, His corrective measures.

So, it was in God's love that He 'drove' them out of the garden. Remember, before they left, He made clothing for them to put on so theirs nakedness was covered. If He was very angrily with them, He never would have done that.

Now, the real reason why God drove them was so they won't eat of the tree of life. That tree perfects the state that's any man is found in. If an unclean Adam had eaten from the tree of life, he would have become irredeemable thus damning those in future that were to come from his loins.

So, it was out of God's love that he didn't allow them to continue staying in the garden. Right from then, Christ had already been delivered to be the propitiation for Adam's sin.

So, death came by Adam but life by Jesus. God in His love did not leave man like that, in fallen state but made a way. The way back is Jesus.


There is a huge distinction between anger and discipline. What God exhibited in the book of Genesis was discipline and correction in love and not anger.

Remember the bible says he gave a warning that no one should eat of the tree of good and bad but they have dominion over everyother thing in the garden even to the extent that they never toiled nor sweat before they eat. The garden was a perfect heaven on earth and they where without sin nor know what is good or bad. Then came the serpent who tempted the woman who gave her husband also the fruit from the tree of life. At that point they immediately knew what's good and what's bad, the bible recorded that they knew they were naked which was something they didn't take cognisance of before.

Eating the fruit suddenly gave MAN insight on what's good and what's bad which is evident in the world today with different weapons being created and the wealth of knowledge in the world today.

However, God sent them out of the garden not because he was angry with them but because, they are no longer fit to live in the haven he created for them. He clothed them with leaves and told the man that from his sweat shall he eat. And the woman to go through the stress of birthing.

The evident fact that's makes it glaring that God wasn't angry with them is that even as they went out of the garden of eden, he made sure rain falls in its season to wet their seeds and sun shine in its season to make harvest possible. This man eats out of his sweat by God blessed the works of his hands. And years down the line he sent his only begotten son to come and redeem man from sin. what manner of love is greater than this?


This is definitely wrong you must know that God gets angry that's why the bible says "God is a consuming fire" and a consuming fire as God burns with rage and it was his anger that led him to destroy soddom and Gomorrah.

It was only logical, the bible said Adam an Eve ate of the forbidden fruit which is of the tree of knowledge of life and death and as result in my perspective, they soiled the inner entity which is a sinless characteristics which God adorned them with when he created them.

The main reason why God drove Adam and Eve away from the bible was because they were dead spiritually, sin has stained their nature and it makes it impossible for him to have a communion with them. The bible said In Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Sin has become a reproach to Adam and Eve and they were driven away from God's holy garden, the garden of Eden.

Mind you, man's wisdom is foolishness unto God and God doesn't think like a man he's a pure and holy God and cannot withstand sin and the perceptions that he doesn't get angry is a lie