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Must Christians go to church?
Are christians supposed to go to church every Sunday? I thought God's everywhere. Why can't they worship from their home?

You'll find the answer to "must Christian go to church? " in "why do Christians go to church?" Not going to church is not a sin, but one can hardly serve God effectively without going to church. Going to church and knowing that you're not alone in the Christian walk, will encourage you to hold God tighter. Also in times of challenge, you can easily find support and encouragement from fellow believers.

What about the word of God that we hear every time in the church? having a personal study of the word of God is very important to every believer, but we gain more insight and understanding of the word of God when we also hear teaching of the word from other believers in Christian gathering.

Being part of a church is very necessary for all believers because it help enhance your Christian work with God, give you encouragement, correct you when you're wondering off, etc. A Christian that's not part of a Christian body would find it very hard practicing and holding on to the Christian faith


Christians are warned not to forsake the assembly of themselves in Hebrew 10 verse 25.

The truth is that christianity is not place specific as God can be worshipped anywhere. Afterall, He's the omnipresent God and lives everywhere at the same time. So, even if one is in a room, God still hears and responds to his prayers.

Despite that, God wants believers to be at constant touch with one the other and to fellowship. One sharpens the other. In the area where one lacks strength, the other is able to encourage him.

Also, when believers come together there's a corporate anointing that is released in to the atmosphere. Their faiths acting together produces mighty results.

Also, when a believer sees the faith of another, the progress of another, he's encouraged to press in for more.

Lastly, christianity isn't for sitting at home bit rather than for proactiveness. There's a limit to what one person can achieve serving God alone but Together, Everyone Achieves More


I do not believe that it is compulsory that a christian must go to church,i believe that GOD is everywhere and a christian can worship him wherever he is.


I believe it is entirely your choice and religion should not dictate whether you go to church or not.

I go to church once or twice a year and that is fine with me. There are many people who go to church on a weekly basis but that doesn't make them any more religious than me. At least I am not a hypocrite like most of them.

I was put off church by a friends dad who was a priest and he retired from the church as there was widespread stealing going on within the church. It wasn't his church but plenty of others that he knew.

I tend to go at Christmas but not a fan of the church in general.


Well, if you consider "not going to Church" is regarded as a sin you are obligated to confess to your priest - I think this one is self-explanatory

In terms of modern religion, at least what is trying to teach its "practitioners", paying a visit to the Church every Sunday is a form of showing loyalty to God & "your faith"

Whereas, working on Sundays or participating in any work-related activity is regarded as  a sinful behavior

To clarify, the Bible states how God made Sunday so "men & women can rest"

So the answer is yes, Christians must go to Church & oblige certain sets of rules, don't ask me if this is right or wrong as I'm not here to give my personal opinion but at least think about it deeply before making a conclusion

In whose interest would it be to manipulate influence of such a large group of people? Is that really "God's Will" or maybe will from some different entities with hidden motives? Who could say :P


Would your religion suggest you must? If a religion comes with a set of expectations as trivial as social gatherings being a requirement to your faith, and suggest that you must attend church, I would question the efficacy of such religion.