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How do one stay financial independent?

I used to think having a lot of money could solve a lot of problems, but it turned out that having a lot of money sometimes added new problems if it wasn't set properly. I often get quite a lot of additions from the side business, but one day I was confused why it always ran out without a trace.

Finally, I learned from every money that was earned to be set aside for investment, then the rest would be spent on anything. Not the other way around, spend anything first and then set aside for investment.

So it is roughly as simple as getting money/salary, spending it on these 4 sectors:

• The investment sector, money can be used to buy gold. But lately, I invested in shares. Take this money for another 10 years, because it will be useful to buy things like home/car /open a business/pension fund.

• The savings sector, the purpose of saving is as an emergency fund or buying something consumptive. If you don't have to, don't take this part.

• Giving to other people, the reason is that I am because I am happy to share. I personally when I share with others, the treasure I have is not diminished but continues to grow

• The consumption sector, after deducting the above three parts, then I will use it to buy anything, especially basic needs.

For how much the percentage, please adjust it yourself. If I value it is flexible and the most important thing is to consistently do it. Investment, savings, and sharing must be progressively following income. This means that if the income increases, the value of the three sector part needs to be enlarged.

In addition, do not forget to set aside money to develop yourself / your business (training to upgrade skills that support your work or business). So that when your income is high, the more you go up the class is not your lifestyle, but your business or skill.

hopefully useful


actually you need to simply earn,save and invest" is presumably the most ideal approach to get money related autonomy. Try not to trust that the correct age will create solid money related propensities. The prior you understand the significance of money related arranging, the better position you will see yourself following couple of years. 

To expound it somewhat further, you simply need to pursue three basic guidelines: 

Procure really: Put in the best of your endeavors to win cash legitimaty according to your capacities and aptitudes. 

ensure to earn genuinely: Keep a mind your general costs and begin sparing at this moment. All of it (regardless of how little) tallies and signifies your aggregate reserve funds. 

invest deliberately: Now, that you have earned and saved, simply make sure to make the following stride: Invest in an orderly way. A blend of various resource classes with settled and additionally factor returns dependent on your hazard profile should be considered.