Is altcoins season even a real thing?
So, everyone is talking Alt season... is that even a thing? i am not really sure about that... Latest upward trending of alts was nothing more than pure speculations and market manipulation

 Alt season is in fact a thing but most people get the timing wrong when it should happen. 

In the investing world, usually it's smarter to be contrary of what the masses are doing then just following the herd. But every situation is different. 

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For me, I don't know if the alt season is a real thing, bcos I'm not techy in blockchain. However, it's something I look forward to, whether it comes naturally or is manipulated, it is an experience no one wants to trade for anything. The memories of November / December 2017 is still very fresh in our minds. It was a huge blessing...


Crypto currency tis the season. A lot of the crypto hype comes from the minds of brilliant people and with brilliant people come media attention. Yes it is cryptoseason and many major corporations are turning to blockchain services. Also note that almost all bitcoin is stored in a single wallet address and has never been moved . Think about it..


Yes, altcoin seasons happen from time to time. One happens sometimes when Bitcoin has topped out and when the money starts going into altcoins instead. The biggest altcoin season on record started in the last week of December 2017 and lasted for a couple of weeks. Many altcoins exploded in value. Why that happened was when Bitcoin investors (speculators) saw that the Bitcoin ride to the top was over and when they started to speculate on the price of altcoins. Incredible gains were made within a short time as well as incredible losses because some people had to buy at the top and be bag holders.