Are Love marriages more successful than arrange marriages?

Ordinarily, a love based on the love of the two people involved, lasts longer than an arranged marriage because it means the two parties involved in the marriage are interested in the union.

While marriage is much more than love, love is a very important aspect of love. Marriages survive on trust, perseverance, understanding, commitment and all. Nonetheless, all these things that hold a marriage are by products of love.

You wouldn't naturally be all of these things to someone you love. Or better still, it's easier to be all of these things to someone you love.

That said, this is not to say that arranged marriages do not work, sometimes they work very fine than some marriages by love.

Some of the reasons why arranged marriages may work could be that the arrangement was made based on the fact that the parties involved do not really know what they want, hence, this decision was made on their behalf. So, it could turn out well.

Left to me, I'd go for a marriage made on love, any day.

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Well, I don't know which lasts longer but In my thoughts, Love marriages should be more successful. In as much as Love is not the only factor needed in marriage, it is however, an Important factor.

When you love a person, you will try as much as possible to make things work, communication becomes easy but in arranged marriages, everything is a struggle and I don't see how one can enjoy a union based on struggle.

Although people fall out love and divorce. But marriages stand a better chance at success if it is built on Love.

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It's neither here nor there,arranged marriages could be more successful than a love marriage depending on the individuals involved.. marriage is all about understanding and Sacrifice,we have people who dated for 10 years get married and then break up within a year of marriage... would you say there was no love???

Marriage is dependent on the two parties,what are they ready to give up to make the marriage work...shalom!


This is interesting topic and I share my opinion about it.

In my personal opinion success rate is higher in arrange marriages as compared to love marriage. In love marriage, most of the times parents and relatives are not involved or even if they're then not with that mind-set which they would have been if they are decision maker. I love marriages boy and girl are decision maker and in many cases they don't take advice from their parents. I am not saying it happens in all cases but this percentage is high. In my friend circle two of my friends have got divorced within 5 years of marriage and reason is that they are not compatible with their partners.

When it comes to arrange marriages, in my friend circle and even in my relatives there no case of failure. It doesn't mean that there are no problems with couples but because parents and families are involved so there's an emotional support. This emotional support helps a lot keep the marriage going. When couple have any problem then our family support us and that's very important. After certain period of time we get used to each other. Even my marriage isn arranged and I happy with this decision.

Thanks much for time.


I have no idea as I would say it depends on the custom as well. Love marriages are obviously the best, but you can fall out of love. An arranged marriage you have to make work and grow to love that person so I am not going to say either or is better. It depends on the individuals involved as well.

Some arranged marriages may not work but they remain married so they aren't shunned by the community. Love marriages on the other hand can work very well or very badly. Divorce is so easy today and they were supposedly love marriages and it is something like 40 percent that end in divorce.

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