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Is it ever possible for one to overcome procrastination ?

Yes! It is very possible to overcome procrastination. I used to procrastinate back then as a student not until I learnt a great lesson in a bad way from the habit of procrastination.

During my O level days in school, I wasn't the serious and studios type. Anytime I was given Assignment or notes, I would always do them till the further days because I was so addicted to the habit of procrastination. My habit of procrastination is usually and mostly effective and implemented whenever I am doing something which is unproductive like watching movies, playing games and other non profitable acts. I will always postpone what I can do today till the next day even though I am capable of doing it now.

My habit of procrastination led me to fail most of my exams including the important subjects like Maths and English during my O level days. This really affected my chances of gaining admission into the higher Institution to further my Education. I had to retake my O level examination because I just want to further my education in the University. I felt embarrassed while writing that exam with my junior ones but I never blamed myself but I regretted procrastinating. I never read when it was time to read, I never did my assignment until the time of submission, I never prepared for my exams until the examination period. This really affected my academic performance that year and I had to eradicate the habit of procrastination so that I could pass my new registered exam since it was my last chance. I ended up having good grades after eradicating my habit of procrastination.

Overcoming procrastination may not be that easy if you aren't determined to overcome it. You have to set your self up and be ready to fight against it. Believe me I had overcome procrastination and I will keep overcoming it if it tries to stop me from doing what I want to do. I will suggest the below tips as it really helped me overcome my habit of procrastination.

1) JUST DO IT: I am sure you would have seen this word in a designer logo known as "Nike". One of my friend gave me this advice when I told him about my habit of procrastination and all he told me was "Just Do It". This implies that you don't have to think about what you want to do. All you have to do is to just do it. The fact is that if you keep thinking about it, you may not end up doing it. The only way to do what you want to do is to just do it now.

2) REMIND YOURSELF OF IT'S CONSEQUENCES: I shared my experience with you about how my habit of procrastination made me fail which affected my admission process during that year. I am sure you might also have encountered some unfavorable results due to your habit of procrastination. Always remind yourself about the bad result that occurred when you procrastinated so that you won't make the same mistake.

3) DON'T PROCRASTINATE FOR 4 WEEKS: Are you surprised about this tip? 😀.. Yeah! That's the fact!. Researchers and scientists had proven that a habit which is done for a month will surely be part of you. This implies that if you want to stop procrastinating, try to do away with procrastination for a month and you will see a great change in your life.

4) WRITE "NO PROCRASTINATION" BOLDLY AND PASTE IT ON YOUR WALL: As human we tend to forget things easily. Writing and reading everyday is one of the greatest tool for learning. If you really want to be motivated you will surely need an incentive which will remind you of your goal. Always read the post you've pasted on your wall as it will keep reminding you of your promise and aim whenever you forget.

In conclusion, overcoming procrastination may not be that easy if you aren't dedicated to eradicate it. You must be ready to overcome it by constant practice and dedication. Nothing is impossible provided you are dedicated, focused and motivated to achieve your goal.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Yes, it is possible and it's actually very easy. You just need to think differently and see the difference between procrastination and getting the job done right away.

We do procrastinate because it gives us a little pleasure, a sensation of relief that we don't have to do that unpleasant thing. This however is short term, you can't procrastinate things forever, you have to do it eventually and the more time passes, the more unpleasant it can get.

What can you do? Try to imagine what a relief it can be once the job is done and you're off the hook, you are free, you don't have to procrastinate any more. Imagine that feeling of accomplishment. Then compare the two feelings and see the difference.

This could be a motivator for sure. It requires some training but it works.


Human being often struggle with delaying, neglecting or face procrastination in some point in their life.  Most of us used to thing temporarily about finishing a job. And we start to delay that work and don't meet the dead line very often. 

The first thing to overcome from procrastination is 'realizing' that it hampers our life and make us less efficient and our work less effective. When realization comes we can find a way to get rid of it. 

I used to be one of them in past. I delay to give resignation letter to my first office and thinking about the consequences so very much that I got a salary cut for eight days. How terrible I was!

Then I realize how this was affecting in my life and I motivate myself to change the attitude. 

So I can tell you, yes it is possible to overcome Procrastination. But you have to try hard. I followed these steps-

* Motivate thyself to overcome the attitude and do all kind of small/big  work immidiately or as early as possible. 

* Stop over thinking. It will kill your mental ability. Rather find the way out if you got a complex situation or any hard work. 

* Prise thyself if you do a work immediately. It will lead to do any kind of work in an order.

* Make a routine of work and checklist, whether you are step back or ahead from the work.

* Try to think if you do some thing immediately what else you could do with the extra time.

*Plan for your future action. It is really helpful to overcome the attitude.

Besides improving of work process, continuous motivation is much needed. If we could motivate ourselves and realize the backdrop of the attitude we really could change that. 

It may take time to overcome Procrastination coz we used to do that from the very beginning of our life. But it is possible to overcome it. 

Stay motivated, stay positive and energize. It will help you get rid of it. 


Yes, one can overcome procrastination. It just takes some real willpower and discipline. 

Make yourself a timetable so that you can get an idea about how you are going to spend your day in activities that will help get work done in a timely manner. 

The first thing towards getting things done in time is to start early. Get up early and finish your daily ablutions on time. Then, start to work according to the timetable you made and give yourself a praise if you finished before time. Discipline yourself thus and work hard like this for a few days and it will become a habit. 

When you work on time after starting early, you will realize that you have extra time left after all your chores and work load and so you also get time to relax and enjoy free time. 

Procrastination does not help especially if you are a student. what if you are a farmer and you forgot to water your plants or worse if you are a doctor and you failed to show up at the clinic?

So, whatever field you are in, please do not waste even a single moment as it could affect your work and your future too. 

At the same time, if you start your work early, you will not only succeed in life but also avoid stress, worry and ill health. 

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Yes! It is possible to overcome procrastination, but it involves conscious effort to do that.

Sometimes we procrastinate without even knowing.

Some temperament are more prone to procrastination than others, sanguine are said to procrastinate a lot maybe because of their analytical tendencies which makes them ruminate over a decision over and over again without reaching a decision quick.

To over come procrastination, always remind yourself that anytime your mind is asking you to leave decision or action to a future time, tell yourself is procrastination, and so you have to do the action immediately.

Always apportion time and date to carry out an action or decision in a conspicuous place that would be like a reminder that to you.

Always have it mind that time is valuable, and each time you waste in procrastination, you are also wasting some valuable resource which can never be regained.


Yes. It usually takes place only at the last minute.