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Is it advisable for two individuals with different religious views to get married?

It is possible. I know of a lady who is a Christian and got married to a Muslim.

It's just a matter of understanding.


In my very candid opinion I'd not advise such. It could be very detrimental to a healthy relationship.

As much as it's good to encourage and promote unity, having diverging views about religion could break you than you imagine, especially if you're from my part of the world, Nigeria.

Even when you're of the same religion but your belief and doctrine are contradictory, it would lead to frequent quarrels because you will have a lot of differing opinions on things.

Moreso if you're of different religions, the choice of which religion child should practice would also come to the fore and Little things like this break up families.

I'd rather advise a person goes for someone with similar views regarding religion.

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While love is the greatest, frustration is real. Pain is real. Discord is real, and all these resist the growth of love. No, they won't kill love, but they would render it inconsequential.

Only love is not enough.

You need to be like your partner in many important things, and everyone with half a brain knows that we are a product of our beliefs. If you and your partner basically belief different things, you are definitely on different paths.

It is possible, some people, many people, have done it and people are still doing it, but if two people strongly stand for different religious beliefs, it is not advisable that they get married. That is being unequally yoked.


My wife had a family friend who was raised Christian. He married a Muslim. And he had to CUT HIS DICK.

If a guy loved the woman more than his dick, maybe.

I would cut my dick for no woman.



The only thing which should count is the fact that two people love and appreciate each other. Everything else should come second place.


For two people to become one, there has got to first be an understanding of the background of each person and not only just a background, but there also has to be an intense loosing of one's old self to blend with a partner who loses his/her old self too. Now. by old selves I mean things they used to believe in and stuffs. Once that connection is established they can present it before their parents, though often times most parents don't agree with the choice, if you have with you a strong reason why you think it should work then, it's a good idea. Even when life brings you obstacles like; how can two different religion marry? Both of you can find a common ground or submit to each other and choose which religion to practice that will favor you and your children and your generations to come.

Bottom line is if you come to an understanding with your partner and parents and religious leaders then you can go ahead with it. Although some people think it's impossible to marry a person who practices another religion different from yours, I like to believe that Anything is Possible if you will only put your mind and heart to it.