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What are your plans for this new year ?

There are so many of them. I can't list all of them here right now. Some aren't even clear yet. They will unfold as the year opens up. However, some of the clearest are

1. Publish my first book. I have a passion for writing. So, it's no surprise those comes top on the list. I've been too slow writing this'll book and feel it's high time I finish it. It's a book that I started six years ago. I started as a novice writer. I've actually learned a lot during this time. The book is 90% complete. It will be done and ready for editing before January ends. Then, I will write other books too. I can write faster now. It's only a matter of being consistent.

2. Work as a Freelancer with Upwork. I've researched and seen the opportunities available for writers on the platform. I want to try my fortune with the platform. I will love to offer ghostwriting services. It's a high-paying work and I want to see how good it will be for me. First off is to get my account approved. Once that's done. I will begin bidding for jobs.

3. I want to move to my own home. I finished service middle of last year. Since then, I've been at home in my parent's house. I want to move away and start life. It's a tough decision but one I have to make nonetheless. I'm hoping I'd have enough money to do that before the end of the first quarter of the year.

4. I want to try Amazon publishing. There's a guy I met some few weeks back. He told me of the opportunity that lurks in the murky waters of Amazon self-publishing. I want to get my fingers wet on the platform and see if it holds any promise for someone like me.

5. I want to get a car. This seems farfetched at the moment. However, I know it's achievable. It is would be the highlight of my year. I can see myself excited about it already. It's just a matter of time before it happens.

Those are some of the obvious ones for now. The others will fall in later. It's not just about wishful thinking. I'm making plans towards achieving these goals. I will succeed.

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Well for me a lot is geared towards building my brand and influence on the steem blockchain. I am devoting close to 90% of my time to the blockchain. I am ripping the rewards already. I have some High profile steemians following and supporting me. I believe there is more to come but I am taking everything a step at a time.