What determines the sex of a baby?

Every human actually has the 23 pairs of chromosomes in their cells.... One of those actual chromosomes are actually the sex chromosomes,sex chromosomes are often referred to as the X and also Y chromosomes.. It is known that if a person has an X and Y chromosome then they are actually male and if they actually have 2 X’s then they are actually female... also there are some few others whereby they may actually really have more or also less than 2 sex chromosomes......

When the diffrrent sex cells which are the sperm and eggs are created they actually only often have the half of the chromosomes.. the 23 single chromosomes..1 actually from each pair of chromosomes... it is a fact that These sex cells are often combined to actually create a new combination of the 23 chromosome pairs, and the half is given by each parent....

Bilogically The mother could actually only give either of her X’s and also the father can really give an X or actually a Y... The Y which is the sex chromosome that is determinant..now what happens is that This actually ends up being a fifty percent chance for actually getting 2 X’s or gerting an X and Y.....So truly , it is usually completely random....

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