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Which would you prefer making your parents parent ln-law before grandparents?
That means marrying before getting pregnant or getting pregnant before marrying. Which would you prefer? Share your views.

Where I come from, the norms are to make one's parents in laws before grandparents.

Society is decaying these days and people rarely give a damn about morality. It's why the term baby mama and baby father have become very popular. Ladies no longer wait for the sanctity of marriage before procreation and have a proclivity for illicit affairs. This shouldn't be the case. It was never meant to be so.

In saner climes, it's proper to first have the wedding done and holy wedlock sealed. Then, you can go about and have as much fun as you'd want without anyone caring or giving a damn.

In my country few years ago, it was a taboo for a lady to be found pregnant when she hasn't been joined in holy matrimony. She was seen as a disgrace and everyone would point accusing fingers to her and she'd be used as an example of how not to be. Nowadays, the tide has changed and ladies are now made to get pregnant first before they get married to ensure their fertility.

The world has lost its innocence. Things are now done with caution blown away by the wind. In the beginning, it wasn't so.