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Who is going to win the English Premier League this season and why?

I think it will be Manchester City again. They have a great squad, the ability to rotate and rest players, and the experience of having won it last year. Even with De Bruyne out they are still favourites.

Liverpool are being put forward as their main competitors and I think they have a very good first team but potentially some weakness in the overall squad. So if injuries bite they could be in trouble but if not then they will be up there.

But I fancy Chelsea as main competitors. They've recruited really well with Jorginho, Kovacic and Kepa. They have a new system which is more attacking and with Hazard, Kante, and Luiz they have huge experience. If Morata fires then they could really challenge.

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 This question cannot have a definite answer now. It's too early to predict the fortune of the clubs.

Manchester City though, looks poised to win it yet again. They have added to their already strong squad. Mahrez have come in to further boost their offensive side. They have extremely good players and backup in every area and will not suffer if one or more of their starting eleven best injured.

Many people feel that the injury to Kevin De Bruyne will be the downfall of Manchester City but it chose to think differently. There are quality players rust can replace the Belgian and won't even struggle to fit in. The likes of Bernardo Silva and David Silva comes to mind.

The closest threat to Manchester City at the moment is Liverpool. They have brought in reinforcement in almost every area. There is Allison in the goalposts who will ensure not to make same mistakes as Karuis did at the last stage of the Champions league last season. Also, he's one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the moment.

Then there is Naby Kieta who's a very good central midfielder.

Then also, Fabinho has come to strengthen the defense.

Xherdan Shaqiri has been brought in to help in the flanks. There's so much that Liverpool can do this season and that includes winning the league.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are also up there. It's by no means certain who will be crowned winners at the end of the season.