At what age should a guy get married?
Age to marry

When he's ready, and finds a compatible partner.

You cannot put a number on it. 

If you marry for the sake of marrying, you can expect a divorce within first 5 years.

You can then marry again!

It's not like you can marry only once.

So, there's no age one Should get married.

In general, you can be too young to get married, but not too old. 

Too young, in the sense, that you're not ready.


I think the best age for a guy to get married is 24 to 28 years.

Age definitely matters. Everything in this world has particular time to accomplish it in a best way and marriage is also a part of that and timing the marriage is also a great art. When you get married at a perfect age then it will make the chemistry between the couple intact and they can enjoy their sex life to the best of their wishes which at a later stage may not be possible, because when it comes to sex, everything in the body is hormonal changes and it is observed that during this age particularly 24-28 years you are at the peak of sexual enthusiasm with a matured mind that is why this age is preferred over teen age.

So if you have a decent earning to run the family, then you should not wait for monetary accomplishment or something like ..."settle your life first, then get married". Because if you go by that you may settle life and make secure yourself financially but your sex life will be greatly affected and you may not have enthusiasm and you might miss the beautiful phase of your life where you could have enjoyed your life to the fullest.

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There is no specific age bestow on male gender to get married, provided he is 18 or above. But then there are qualities necessary that a man gain before he gets married, not compulsory but necessary. Some of such qualities are:

1.financial maturity: a guy should be financially mature and stable in handling issues relating finance and as well is capable of providing for the family's need.

2.physical mature: The legal age for being independent I believe is 18. A boy who is 10 isn't sexually or physically mature to be respected to handle decision, reproduce or accepted by the society for getting into marriage.

3.Emotional mature:Marriage deals with two individual living together, if one is not emotional mature, he could easily blow things off out of uncontrolled anger, jealousy etc.

4.Spiritual maturity: A man ought to have a strong and genuine relationship with his spiritual belief in cases where he do seek help regarding cases that are above how comprehension. The doctrines in the holy Bible teaches life , marital , financial etc lession, if a man inclined to God , there is a better assurance of a loving father from him


20 - 30 years old. 

That's the best time, and the most healthy state of man. 

But, make  your body and mind are ready. 


At what age should a lady get married? 

Why ask when a guy should get married? Does the lady not get a choice as to when she gets married? 

And really, wouldn't you want to just get married when you meet the right person and decide that it's a good time for the two of you to get married?

Seems like an odd question. 


men who have reached the age of 25 years and above should already be married.

They think they are 25 years old, meaning that they are mature in everything.

But what is the ideal age for marriage for men?

the ideal age that is biologically mature and psychological for a man is aged 25-30 years.

This age is considered the best time to settle down.

Because when a man reaches that age it is considered mature and can think adult.

In addition, in terms of education, career and finance, generally men with this age are on average well established.

But it all returns to the readiness of each


If I had to give an age range, I'd say between 29 and 39. The twenties are for freedom and for experimentation. That's when a man is supposed to work towards becoming established in life. That may involve self-discovery through trying out different educational and occupational paths, working in startups, relocating if need be or simply traveling the world. Early adulthood is a time best spent at learning about the world and discovering one's place in the world. It's a terrible thing to waste, though, like many do these days.

I'd say that, for a guy, his thirties are the best decade to find a life partner and settle down if that is what one wants. Typically, a man in his twenties will have a lower value on the marriage market than a man in his thirties for the reasons outlined in the first paragraph. The best wife material for a man in this age range is someone 2-5 years younger than him. When a man has turned 40, it's still possible to start a family and it might be a good idea based on each individual's situation. But starting a family at a later age has some downsides including a lack of energy. Small children can be very taxing on their parents in multiple ways. And if you have your kids between 40 and 45 years of age, you'll be at around 60 when they come of age. In many countries, parents may legally obliged to pay for the education of their children (this can be stipulated in a divorce settlement, for example). Imagine being in your early 60's and having to put 1-3 kids through college. Typically, small children's parents in their 40's cannot expect to get help from their own parents in looking after their kids if they're sick or something because the grandparents are too old or have already passed away in some cases. None of that need to be an issue if a guy is wealthy enough to hire help.