Any Long term learning tips for minnows, to keep the growth curve alive?

As of today it really have become much more easier to keep a flow of steady speed on the improvement of an user on Steem Blcokchain.

  • Be who you are 

We each have our own personalities, by displaying that feature of ours in here could take us to a long  way in our Steem Journey. Just be Yourself. Post contents that you make from your mind and creation. This really helps in the long term.

  • Join Communities

As the first step is already achieved  by getting to the level of Minnow, the next one is needed join different communities. There you will meet many different people and from there connections would be made. Anybody can improve by learning from the mistakes, while community members will point out hose mistakes helping you improve in your Steem journey.

  • Use Steem dapps

Dtube : If one is good at creating videos than this App can change the course of a user in Steem Blockchain

Esteemapp/Esteemsurfer : If a user is a blogger than this will allow some boost in the post creating a little more focus.

Musing.io : Get in here and answer questions that one has idea of and get rewarded learn from the questions and answers that you have no idea of.

Increasing reputation from plankton to minnow is hard but to get to the next level of Dolphin is much more hard as we speak.

So Patience and Hardwork will lead the way to the net level.


Here are a couple that I try to give to everyone when I get a chance.  

Be yourself, people are going to know if you are being fake as it will be very obvious.  Just make sure you are accurately depicting who you are and writing stuff that you genuinely care about.

If you are able to start some kind of series, that will give you a lot of content to draw from for a decent period of time.  I had a series I was running a while ago that gave me something to write about every other day.  It was really great because I never had to wonder what I was going to post about.

Make sure you are commenting on other peoples posts as much as possible.  Do some digging and find other authors that are posting similar content to you.  Eventually you will probably create a relationship that you didn't have before and maybe gain one or two loyal followers.  Maybe even more if you are really putting yourself out there.

Join some communities.  There are lots of really good ones out there.  Some are invite only if they notice you are putting out good content, but other ones anyone can be a part of.  Try checking out Qurator or TheSteemEngine.  They are great places to get feedback and to start meeting new people.  

They also have a post promotion section where people have to comment on your post and upvote it before they can post their own content.  This really encourages interaction and building relationships among users.  I now have quite a few loyal followers that I have gained because of this.

Make sure you get on Discord.  I would say about 90% of the discussion about Steemit takes place away from Steemit.  It actually happens on Discord.  If you don't already have a Discord account get one created and join the server for a couple of those groups that I mentioned above.  Adsactly is another great group that I have been active in lately.  

Try to find some contests that you can regularly take part in.  These will give you a pretty decent income stream if you are able to win one or two of them.  Some of them pay out really well too, so it is important to keep an eye out for them.

Take advantage of Steem Basic Income.  For every one share you donate to someone, you get a share in return.  These shares that you earn only cost 1 Steem and they are factored into a formula that gives you a upvote on every single post you make for your lifetime on Steemit.  That means in 30 years if I am still posting on Steemit, I will still be getting an upvote on every single post that I make.

Finally, make sure you are having fun.  If this becomes too much like work, then it isn't worth it.  You should be enjoying your time on Steemit and if you find yourself dreading being on it then you will have a hard time growing your account like you want to.


My two biggest tips for earning on Steem are: 

  • be quick and flexible to take opportunities

There are always new opportunities cropping up on the Steem blockchain. Whether they be open-source contributions with Utopian, Q&A with Musing, video streams with DLive or earning some early SMTs with Actifit.

But sometimes you have to be fast and get in early to get the most benefit. Steem is competitive and good opportunities can quickly become flooded by users, after which the rewards become thinner.  

So don't restrict yourself to your own comfort zone. Stretch yourself and grab new opportunities as they arise. Try new things. Be flexible. At worst it doesn't pay off, but you should have gained some new skills. At best you could find yourself a whole new community and a whole load of potential!

So look for the new opportunities and grab them fast!

  • quality in all that you do

There's one overriding theme with earning on Steem, which is quality brings rewards. 

Sure you can upvote with bid-bots and so trending is full of any old rubbish but these people are only paying from one pocket to another, or gambling on the future price of Steem. 

And Ok, sometimes you post a great article and get no reward. No-one wins out every time.

But it you want to earn rewards from the various dApps, which in my view is the best opportunity for minnows, then it's almost always a competition over quality. 

And quality wins out over quantity every time. One great comment beats three average ones. One fantastic post will earn more than five that merge into the crowd.

Give it your best shot!




My biggest piece of advice - Steem is much more than just Steemit! I know that alot of new users (including me!), came into Steem and for a long time blogged away not realising that there are far more oppurtunities out there - and it seems like there will become more dapps to suit people creating allsorts of different content.

Some of the dapps I use often are:

@musing - obviously because I am here! A great way to interact and answer interesting questions and ask questions. I like that it takes the 'pressure' away from having to come up with original content, as the questions act as prompts.

@steemhunt - hunt down new and innovated products to earn rewards and upvotes!

@actifit - Earn upvotes just by tracking your everyday fitness activity.

There are many more out there - but by experimenting it is like 'adding more string to your bow', and leads to many different ways to grow your account.


There are a few ways which can keep your growth curve alive.

Be yourself and don't try to be someone you are not. The older more established users are not stupid and will pick up on things you do.

Don't expect riches overnight it takes time to grow your account. That is why consistency is the key factor in your growth. If you do a little extra each day that will work.

Steemit is a social media platform to some extent and once you realize that engaging with other users is beneficial and the only way to grow. Your vote isn't worth much so don't be foolish and self vote but use it as a tool to attract new users by upvoting comments on your posts and upvoting other users posts. Relationships are crucial and the better they are the more support you will receive.

Every vote that you cast you should see it as a chance of getting some reward back somewhere. not only from curation but maybe a vote in return. This will help you grow and you need to keep track of how your growth is going.

i have used a few sites to monitor my growth. Steemdb is fantastic with a graph but is being updated currently. use Steem .world.org and a few of the other sites to track your progress.


1. Enjoy The Platform

Alot of people join Steemit for the promising of making money and making it quick, the first thing I'd advise is to change your goal for joining steemit, change your focus from the money and just enjoy the platform, so that even when the money is not coming like you thought it would, you won't end up being discouraged.

2. Be consistent

Consistency is key, alot of people especially planktons and minnows rush into the system and when their post doesn't make as much as they'd thought they would lose interest and start posting once in a while, this is also coming in bear market times, the thing they fail to realize is that consistency builds followers, which in turn leads to more money at the end of payout.

3. Avoid Plagiarism

This is another thing that kills alot of minnows, they plagiarise and once cheetah catches you once twice and you get on the black books of steem cleaners you'll have a hard time coming out of it.

4. Exercise Patience

Patience they say is a virtue and in a place like Steemit it is really needed, especially when you're just starting out and your post payout is next to nothing for writing really good stuff and while someone else writes I'm walking and gets all the dollars, don't give up you'll get there.

5. Build Relationships

Building relationships is one of the fundamental things you must do, if you hope to survive on Steemit because it is difficult to achieve great success alone unless you're rich and you buy all the sp to upvote your posts yourself. But if you don't relationships are vital build relationships on Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp group Chats, Steemit chat, etc. Join different communities and socialize, the more you socialize, the more it would have an impact on your blog.

6. Don't give up

This is my final point, never under any circumstance give up. Strive till you make it, keep posting, keep making friends, you'll one day get to the top and look back on all the struggles it took you to get there.