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Given the present situation comprehensively, What sort of future do you think humankind is building?

It gives me a little laughter, because the first thing that comes to mind is the film "Wall-e" where fat humans were seen, being cared for by machines while living in a spaceship, since the Earth was not fit to inhabit it. And unfortunately, I think he's right. Maybe I won't live that future, but surely your path to it will.

I see a future where artificial intelligence is very present, soon there will be machines that do everything for us, because human beings are like that, lazy. I think there will be too much freedom, and no matter how much you think the world will change for the better, I'm almost sure it will get worse, because there will be too many differences, and that's why wars start.

As for the planet, surely there will no longer be so much biodiversity, as is the human being of destroyer, who does everything at his mercy, will wipe out all natural resources and living beings that exist.

Corruption will be massive, and the economy will collapse, as I say worldwide, and this is something that is already being seen. And we all know who will be to blame, not the leaders, but ourselves for allowing it.

Definitely, with what humanity is sowing, I would not like to harvest it with my own hands. And worst of all is that it is our fault what will happen in the future.