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Is it society's fault that there are criminals?

As much as it is not the society's fault that criminals exist, it is an unavoidable truth to say that the society breeds and nurtures them.

IMO, being a criminal is a personal decision which sometimes could have a bearing effect from the society.

It is fondly said that, "a man is a product of his society/community". This means, the society you inhabit influences who or what you become.

While this is agreeable, it still boils to the fact that, even if the society supports and celebrate criminals, it is still your individual decision to make, if you want to become a criminal or not.

Come to think of it, who makes up the society? The various individuals. Fantastic!

So, if we say the society supports or nurtures criminals, we're in essence saying we the people in it nurture criminals. Invariably, it still touches back to the fact that, the presence of criminals is a result of the many individual decisions made by a large number of persons.

For criminals to leave the society or the menace of criminality stopped, each individual has a role to play. One individual stops commiting crime, the other stops... Every individual stops. Then, the society is criminal-free.

Hope you find this helpful. Cheers.


The question is a bit tricky. I say this because we are the society, you and I. It's the way we make it. Being a criminal is a personal decision. A person can wake up and decide to take from others. We call them criminals but there's really no difference between them and thieving politicians. Some persons may mention influences, good and bad. But in the end it's all up to the individual.

So, no. Societal influence can only do so much. Whatever you do is on you alone.



It is a big no for me. I know the societies we find ourselves in can really be so bad especially in most countries where graduates are left jobless after completing their education, unemployment is on the high, corruption, poor governance and many contemporary issues make the society quite unbearable. This can tempt so many people especially youths who have nothing to go into the life of crime just to survive.

We see this everyday but I never for once blamed society for it. Irrespective of what happens or what society might be, the choice to go into the life of crime is our individual choice and we cannot blame that on society. There are other people who just like everybody else had it difficult but they kept working and led decent lives and at the end they still made it big. 

You become a criminal by choice and that results from the fact that you gave up on struggling for a better life and embraced the easy way out. So society can be bad but you can never blame society for your decision to become a criminal