IS Love enough reason to get married?

In my opinion, Love is the only reason to get married.  This is the opinion of someone who seeks abundance in all aspects of life.  That includes an abundance of Love.

In any part of nature and life a strong backbone or foundation is of utmost importance.  Building's can't stand without and good foundation, a tree must have a strong trunk and I believe human endeavors are made more meaningful with someone you love by your side.  


Hmmm, well I don't think love is ever enough, love should not be the only reason to get married because feelings do fade away, so when love fades away what keeps the relationship going?

It's very important to know each others vision and purpose, make sure your partner's vision in life is on the same part with yours, that helps to keep the relationship going as the both parties knows their direction and also compatibility, Like are you guys compatible and can live in the same house without burning the house down, do you guys understand each other strengths and weaknesses and the likes, marriage is more pratical than emotional because emotions can fail us. So it's advisable not to marry based on love alone.


Although love is one of the most powerful emotions. 

And the heart of man is utterly deceived. I would strongly suggest you not get married just, because of love.

Marriage will definitely not always be fun. There will be times when you will be very angry and feel other strong emotions.

There are a few things I suggest keeping in mind before getting married to somebody:

  • Beliefs: If you and your spouse do not hold the same belief systems it will never work. These include religion and health.
  • Family:  A stable family unit is of the utmost importance, because you do not want to have trouble with unruly family members who can get in between the relationship.
  • Loyalty:  A loyal partner is very beneficial and a asset for the future. They won't leave you and will be there for you during very hard times.

Although love is the biggest factor a couple should have to get married, there's still some things to consider. Both the man and woman should know and ready to take their responsibility as a wife/husband and as being a parent. They should also be financially stable. Both parties should accept each own weaknesses and always ready to forgive whenever there's misunderstanding. I know there's a lot more to consider but these are the things that I can think of right now.


If you truly understand what love is about, you'll understand that no marriage can survive without love. Love should not just be enough reason to get married but the major reason for wanting to get married because it connotes acceptance, sacrifice, support, respect, care etc. Though anyone that wants to get married should be equipped with every material thing needed to take care of each other and they should be matured both emotionally and mentally, but love most be the ultimate force propelling them into marriage if the marriage would work


Love, indeed the needs of every human being. Most people who love each other hope their love can bring them to marriage. Although there is a saying that love is already inherent, cat feces like chocolate taste.

In my opinion, marriage is not just a matter of feeling and sex alone, but more than that. Marriage covers all aspects of life. So therefore, love alone is not enough to get married. In an Islamic perspective, a person may marry if he has the ability both physically and materially (wealth).

Although in this life, there are people who are desperate to marry only with love. Just love alone without wealth will difficult to find happiness in life household.

Building a household with legal marriage ties will require a living cost that is not small in navigating the household ark. 

So for that, marry when you are ready physically and mentally, ready physically and mentally, and economically.



When it comes to marriage, the first thing to be considered is Love. But only love can not do all the job. There are some other things I put into consideration when I hear about marriage.

I am not married but I know that for love to be complete in marriage. There will also have to be;

Trust: There must have to be trust to complement the love. Without trust loving seems meaningless.

Respect: The couples must respect each other for happiness and peace to reign in the family irrespective of their age.

Care: Couples have to care for each other.

Faithful: The couples have to be faithful.


Just before getting married, I read Gary Chapman's Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married. This book contains an excellent list of delicate topics to discuss with his tender half before marriage and even after. Because I believe that most sources of conflict that arise in a marriage can be resolved, nothing in the list presented by Gary Chapman seemed to me to be a disruptive factor. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is important to have this type of conversation with your partner not only before, but also after the wedding.

In my opinion, one of the most powerful quotes from the book was this: "Being in love is not a good starting point for creating a successful marriage." This statement is totally contrary to what society teaches us about love and marriage. A popular love song tells us that all we need is love; another states that if the person we love is with us, we have everything we need.

It may not be very romantic to say so, but it's so true; Love is not enough. Romantic Hollywood comedies tell us that love is a fantastic chemical reaction that occurs in our brain, which triggers intense feelings of joy and passion and gives us butterflies in the belly. Love can include such emotions, but if it comes down to that, get ready to come back down to earth very quickly when you are confronted with reality.

Having butterflies in your stomach is not enough to create the kind of deep love that will survive the adventures of a marriage. Although these intense feelings are real, lasting love is more than that.

In his book, Gary Chapman lists five pillars on which to make a marriage a happy marriage. It is a spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical foundation. According to this author, it is absolutely essential to achieve a degree of intimacy in each of these areas in order to live a fulfilling relationship. Society tells us that physical attraction is the most important element, but in my opinion, it ranks last. An accident, illness, or simply the passage of time can alter a person's physical beauty. So we should not build a marriage only on such a temporary element.